Shadowlands Discipline Priest Guide

Best Conduits for Discipline Priests in Shadowlands

Best Potency Conduits for Discipline Priests

Discipline-Specific Conduits

ConduitDescriptionRaid verdictMythic+ Verdict
Shining RadianceIncreases the healing of Power Word: Radiance by a sizable amount.Good HPS gainGood HPS gain
Swift PenitenceIncreases the damage of your first Penance bolt.Minor HPS gainDecent DPS/HPS gain
ExaltationIncreases the duration and absorbs during Rapture/Spirit Shell.Good HPS gain (With Spirit Shell)Weak
Pain TransformationQuick burst of healing when Pain Suppression is cast. Small relative amount of healing compared to other potency slots.WeakWeak

Covenant-Specific Potency Conduits

CovenantConduitDescriptionRaid verdictMythic+ Verdict
KyrianCourageous AscensionIncreases the damage of your Boon of the Ascended.Decent DPS/HPS gainGood DPS/HPS gain
NecrolordFestering TransfusionIncreases Unholy Nova duration and damage.Decent DPS/HPS gainDecent DPS/HPS gain
Night FaeFae FermataYour Fae Guardians leave behind a copy of your faeries for 60% effectiveness when you move them.Minor HPS/DPS gain Minor HPS/DPS gain
VenthyrShattered PerceptionsIncreases the damage and duration of MindgamesGood DPS/HPS gainDecent DPS/HPS gain

Best Raiding and M+ Potency Conduits for Discipline Priest

Since Spirit Shell is the primary playstyle Exaltation synergizes along nicely making it the ideal pick for a potency conduit. Swift Penitence is a middling increase, predominantly for Mythic+, where every potential damage increase can make the runs go more smoothly but Shining Radiance is more helpful when dealing with Prideful for the extra bonus healing it provides.

Best Endurance Conduits for Discipline Priest

ConduitDescriptionRaid verdictMythic+ Verdict
Charitable SoulCasts a small shield on yourself when you Shield an ally. Due to how nerfed Power Word: Shield has been, these shields aren't much.Minor HPS gainMinor HPS gain
Light's InspirationProvides a HoT effect when casting the Desperate Prayer defensive.Minor HPS gainMinor HPS gain
Translucent ImageCauses your Fade to provide damage reduction on demand. Priest defensives are limited so having any sort of damage reduction is very helpful.

Endurance conduits are much better and more universal than Finesse conduits. Between raids and Mythic+, you'll often want to run the same conduits.

Best Finesse Conduits for Discipline Priest

ConduitDescriptionRaid verdictMythic+ Verdict
Clear MindSituational use on encounters with frequent dispels.NicheDungeon specific
Mental RecoveryThere's plenty of other slows in the game. This is either for PvP or World quests
Power Unto OthersGrants slight cooldown reduction to Power Infusion when you utilize it on an ally. Okay for Mythic+WeakNiche
Move with GraceNow reduces the cooldown on Leap of Faith. Rarely do you ever need to use grip on cooldown.

Most of the Finesse conduits are very niche or situational in their uses. Often you'll be best off grabbing double Endurance conduits to improve your survivability.

General Endurance/Finesse Priority