Best Legendaries for Discipline Priest in Shadowlands

Shadowlands Legendary powers grant impactful gameplay effects for your Discipline Priest through the new Runecarving system. As your crafted Shadowlands legendary will be the most important piece of gear in the expansion, providing large performance benefits, it is crucial to pick the right legendary to craft and effectively spend your Soul Ash.

In this guide, we will recommend the best legendary powers and item slots for your Discipline Priest for Shadowlands content, as well as highlighting which legendaries are not worth crafting.

Best Discipline Priest Legendaries

Best Single Legendaries for Discipline Priests

Best Double Legendaries for Discipline Priests

Best Discipline Priest Legendaries for Mythic+

In Mythic+ Spheres' Harmony is a dominant force in supporting the spec's ability to effectively heal through Atonement. In Season 3 however you'll be able to bring back Twins of the Sun Priestess or The Penitent One as your second legendary with my personal preference going towards Twins in most cases. I found Penitent most helpful in more challenging dungeons to heal like Sanguine Depths where the additional Penance could most effectively help heal allies in an efficient manner. In other dungeons where party-level damage was not as high, I found I was frequently not casting Power Word: Radiance enough to make Penitent worthwhile.

Best Discipline Priest Legendaries for Raiding

Clarity of Mind has been the spec's mainstay since Castle Nathria and its additional Atonement durations will continue to see strong value in Sepulcher's raid. However, double legendaries do open up a wealth of possibilities which is why the above has listed Clarity of Mind OR The Penitent One as being the go-to beside Shadow Word: Manipulation.

Between Clarity and Penitent you have to choose between a punchier ramp with a more limited/narrow window or a less bursty ramp but with more breathing room and sustained output. Some encounters like Anduin have the raid frequently split into two groups making Penitent very strong for quickly reversing damage on whichever group you are healing upstairs because Atonement duration is less of an issue with only half the raid around in phase 1.

On other encounters there are a number of moments where raid damage becomes more stretched, encounters like Dausegne feature a lengthy 10-20 seconds of burst damage from her shield that must be broken or Skolex features a steadily ramping period of damage that seeks to overwhelm the raid before you transition him to reset stacks. These are some areas where my testing impressions left me wanting longer Atonement and where Clarity of Mind felt more comfortable. A lot will change with the tier and I'll be making updates to this page and others to properly reflect gameplay updates with double legendaries.

Discipline Priest Legendary Changes in Patch 9.2

  • Players may now equip two legendaries, one covenant and one generic one.

Ideal Upgrade Order for Discipline Priest Legendaries

Assuming you're not looking for a specific legendary for off-spec, we recommend the following crafting order:

#1Craft Clarity of Mind in the ring slot
#2Craft Spheres' Harmony if the Unity is not available yet, if it is, refund this legendary and craft The Penitent One for raids and Twins of the Sun Priestess for M+

Recrafting Legendaries for Discipline Priest in 9.2

Patch 9.2 marks the return of Tier sets to World of Warcraft. This change, however, means fewer slots that you can wear a legendary item, since all specs will want to wear their new 2 and 4 piece bonus in all content, as they provide powerful bonuses. If you are coming back to the game this patch you may have to recraft some of your legendaries from the start of the expansion, but if you've been playing in 9.1 then you should already have these legendaries in the correct slots.

LegendaryNew Best Slot
Clarity of MindRing
Twins of the Sun PriestessNeck

*Quick note with Unity. On progress you CAN craft this legendary in a high-primary stat slot that would otherwise be taken up by tier. If you have all tier pieces and want to maximize value you can place it in the helm for example. If you're looking to just craft once and have no conflicts with your tier then craft in the belt.

Best Discipline Priest Legendaries

What Legendaries to Craft As a Discipline Priest

We listed the legendaries in terms of impact, legendaries not worth crafting are not mentioned at all (and there are many of them!).

Clarity of Mind

  • Available Slots: Chest or Ring
  • Crafting Preference: Ring
  • Secondaries to use: Mastery/Haste

Has two functions depending on your talent selections. When talented into Spirit Shell, this ability extends active Atonements and decreases mana cost of damaging abilities. When NOT talented into Spirit Shell, this ability makes Power Word: Shields applied during Rapture to place longer lasting Atonements and cost less mana. Great legendary to take with either ability for the excellent increased extensions that it provides.

Verdict: Great raid legendary.

The Penitent One

  • Available Slots: Feet or Back
  • Crafting Preference: Feet
  • Secondaries to use: Mastery/Haste

Given new life, this legendary synergizes extremely well with the double legendary - tier set combination to provide massive damage to Penance. This brings about very bursty output which lacks the longer Atonement duration of the legendary above. Great for encounters like Anduin where the raid is split into two groups and the reduced Atonement duration is not as noticeable when you're only healing two parties instead of four.

Verdict: Strong option for raids with double legendaries which requires greater precision when timing ramps. Good for Mythic+ in dungeons with high party damage.

Spheres' Harmony

  • Available Slots: Shoulder or Legs
  • Crafting Preference: Legs
  • Secondaries to use: Haste/Crit (standard M+) Haste/Vers (High M+ for survivability)

With the rise of Kyrian for Discipline comes the Sphere's legendary. This legendary is excellent in Mythic+ for reducing the cooldown of Boon of the Ascended by a full minute to allow more frequent uses and reduce Shadow Mend spam reliance, increasing your overall damage and Atonement output by a sizeable amount. In a raid environment, this legendary is niche, mainly for encounters with minor gaps between heavy damage. Dausegne has her shields go up around every 2 minutes and this legendary can fill these periods well each time.

Verdict: Great Mythic+ legendary with niche Raid uses depending on the damage profiles and length of encounters.

Twins of the Sun Priestess

  • Available Slots: Head, Shoulder, Neck
  • Crafting Preference: Neck
  • Stat preference: Haste/Crit (standard M+) Haste/Vers (High M+ for survivability)

Good Mythic+ legendary that allows you to keep Power Infusion while sharing it with an ally. Coordinate with the DPS in your team to find the best time to utilize this cooldown on big pulls and let them know when you might need the buff timed for yourself in difficult to heal areas. Often this gets activated at the start of the pull so this helps you contribute larger Boon of the AscendedAscended Eruptions now with double legendaries.

Verdict: Good Mythic+ option.

Do Not Craft Legendaries for Discipline Priest

All class legendaries are in this "do not craft" as you will be receiving the Unity belt or recrafting it with the Unity memory at Enlightened Revered so you would not craft these INDIVIDUAL legendary memories and instead would opt for the Unity one:

Class: Generics:

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