Discipline Priest Castle Nathria Raid Guide

Castle Nathria Bosses and Tips

Discipline Priest Castle Nathria Talents

This Disc Priest build is focused on maximizing the Spirit Shell talent. Your focus will be to output as much healing as possible after casting Spirit Shell to create the largest absorbs possible.

Discipline Priest Castle Nathria Covenant Choice

Venthyr's is the best choice for Discipline Priests in raiding.

Discipline in Shadowlands remains focused on producing large bursts of healing through building and extending Atonement and dealing high damage afterwords.

The VenthyrMindgames stands as the strongest option in raids due to how well it aligns with your ramps to produce huge healing. It also converts some damage the affected enemy deals to the raid into healing on them instead. As long as it converts some damage into healing it will also return some mana back to you. Overall it is an easy ability to utilize that has strong synergy with Spirit Shell. Build up heavy Atonements, cast Schism, cast Mindgames.....profit!

It also has great support around the Covenant. The General Draven soulbind grants an excellent healing buff in Hold Your Ground, strong mobility with Door of Shadows, and a solid supporting conduit with Shattered Perceptions. Overall, its a great package for raid healing.

Due to how Atonement interacts with the various Covenant abilities, there will still be some power with the other Covenants to be had, but the Venthyr is the most flexible and well-rounded Covenant for raiding at the moment making it the easy selection.

Discipline Priest Castle Nathria Legendaries

Clarity of Mind

Has two functions depending on your talent selections. When talented into Spirit Shell, this ability extends active Atonements and decreases mana cost of damaging abilities. When NOT talented into Spirit Shell, this ability makes Power Word: Shields applied during Rapture to place longer lasting Atonements and cost less mana. Great legendary to take with either ability for the excellent increased extensions that it provides.

Castle Nathria Boss Tips

Discipline Priest Builds & Tips For Shriekwing

Discipline Priest Tips

  • Wave of Blood is cast about every 30 seconds. This starts around 8 seconds into the encounter so you should start ramping before the fight starts to ramp for the 1st and 4th casts. After 4 casts the intermission begins.
  • The 4th ramp hits around 1:34 so you'll have a bit of time to hold onto Spirit Shell before your next burst. Always look to ramp around 20 seconds before damage hits.
  • Watch for as the intermission is ending, as the next Wave of Blood will go out around 2:40 when the intermission ends and the fight continues in the same order. Again start ramping around 15-20 seconds before the wave.
  • My Spirit Shell timers for this fight were 0:09 seconds (preramp), 1:28, 2:37, and 3:40. So I was applying Atonements about 15 seconds before those listed timers.
  • Staying close to the pillars will allow you to more easily dodge the bosses sonic ring casts.
Discipline Priest Builds & Tips For Huntsman Altimor

Discipline Priest Tips

  • The boss will Spreadshot the raid about every 10-15 seconds, stay spread to reduce overall damage.
  • Sinseeker timer is around one minute but spell queuing can delay it. In Phase 1 and 2 you should look to be conservative, producing smaller ramps around the Sinseeker timer. Timers around 0:28, 1:38, 2:41, 3:25 and 4:29. After this point you should look at where you are and how close you are to P3. P3 is the primary area you want to allocate more off your mana and your resources to be as aggressive as possible.
  • One boar casts Rip Soul every 30 seconds until it is killed spawning copies of players that must be healed to full. Make sure to assist with spot healing the tank souls and have other healers use raid cooldowns for the souls that will come from the Sinseeker in P2/P3. You can also use mouseover macros or add them to your vuhdo frames by creating a panel for your focus target and using a mouseover macro to set a new focus.:
  • My Spirit Shell timers for this fight were 0:18 seconds, 1:35, 2:43, and 3:45. So I was applying Atonements about 15 seconds before those listed timers. The Sinseeker has a lengthy cast time so some of these were close to the incoming damage from those but thankfully the boss gives you about 4-5 seconds to finish your shield application beforehand.
  • The last boar needs to be "walked" to remove stacks unleashing Shattering Stone. While moving it deals heavy damage to the entire raid. Begin ramping shortly after the tank picks up the boar and inform your team that you have coverage of the team to get them to move the boar. They can drop a great many stacks at once with shields up.
Discipline Priest Builds & Tips For Sun King's Salvation

Discipline Priest Tips

  • High raid damage will come from the Vanquisher's Concussive Smash. The first smash came out around 45 seconds and has around a 30 second cooldown. As long as that vanquisher is up it will continue pounding the raid so you can begin ramping shortly after the Vanquisher lands. Other ramp windows will be while the Shade is out. This is an awkward fight for Discipline but you can fill the road as a raid healer while the rest of your healers focus on Kael.
  • Assassin's deal heavy DoT damage from Crimson Flurry. Make bleeding allies a priority throughout this fight.
  • Generally one healer will be in charge of spamming Kael'thas the most but all healers will support on this encounter, a Disc Priest's support will largely be on maintaining Atonement on Kael when possible and helping top Essence Fonts when they spawn. If you use Vuhdo create NPC frames to better see them. Keep in mind that when his Shade is up, Kael receives no healing.
  • On Mythic, you may consider specing into Holy to take advantage of the power of Guardian Spirit. Check the clip below for the Holy explanation.
Discipline Priest Builds & Tips For Artificer Xy'mox

Discipline Priest Tips

  • Hyperlight Spark was the highest damage from testing on the raid. It deals light damage but it jumps to the entire raid and is cast about every 30 seconds.
  • Generally, it will align with Glyph of Destruction which also has a similar ~30 second cooldown. Xy'mox will cast the Glyph starting at ~30 seconds then again at 1 minute and again around 1:30. After that he will wait around 1min 15 seconds for the intermission/annihilate phase then resume his 30 second cast order. Make sure to add the Glyph to your boss mod timers. In Big Wigs this is labeled as a TANK ONLY mechanic so you won't see timers unless you manually change it.
  • My Spirit Shell timers for this fight were roughly 0:28, 1:30, 2:37, 3:49, and 4:58. Some of your ramps can be messed with depending on if you get targetted by ghosts. Check the clip below for handling this particular situation.
  • Dropping portals far from each other will make it much easier to dodge the spirits chasing the raid. If you are selected by a portal along with a melee, you should use everything at your disposal to get as far from the raid as reasonable. You can then use that portal you placed to get back to the team quickly by teleporting to where the other player dropped their portal.
Discipline Priest Builds & Tips For Hungering Destroyer

Discipline Priest Tips

  • Desolate goes out at 0:20 seconds and 1 minute. It is then not cast until about 1:58 then is cast at 2:30.
  • Gluttonous Miasma is a constant on this fight and must be a constant focus to assist these players, standing near them to heal them. You can also place Atonement on them during Spirit Shell to grant them absorb shields.
  • My Spirit Shell timers for this fight on Mythic were roughly 0:14, 1:16, 2:17, 3:33, 4:34, 5:34.
  • On this encounter we found that players were most at risk during the Desolates so I covered the 1st Desolate, followed by the 1st Consume (intermission phase). I then Spirit Shell'd two more Desolates then the third and final Consume. You're effectively able to use Spirit Shell on cooldown on this fight and able to give debuffed players substantial absorbs to help them sustain themselves.
Discipline Priest Builds & Tips For Lady Inerva Darkvein

Discipline Priest Tips

  • This encounter is built off preparing for ramping ticking damage when anima containers are being controlled. The problem on this encounter is when players are in control of releasing the valves, the timers can have some variance.
  • Watching the containers, preparing for when pressure is reduced or increased and how it affects ticking damage will be key
  • Stay spread, prepare for valve releases for increasing Loose Anima and be ready to reposition quickly. When working with my team, we worked to have valve releases about ever minute to align with Spirit Shell. Started around 45 seconds, then 1:45 and again at 2:07. Over time this damage will ramp up rapidly so look to keep your same 1 minute window and work with the other healers to position cooldowns around your ramps.
Discipline Priest Builds & Tips For The Council of Blood

Discipline Priest Tips

  • On Mythic: the Dancing Fever occurs about every minute and will feature fairly high sustained damage over 30 seconds. With Spirit Shell shields up you can easily have all the players jump at once and reduce some of the immediate impact of the burst damage. Preramping on pull will make sure you can immediately face this challenge.
  • Successful completion of the dance moves rewards you with increased haste. Don't slack!
  • On heroic you can choose to ramp when Oppressive stacks are high (i.e. when the boss you're killing is ~60% HP as they dance at 50% or when the boss is at 10-15% hp before they die) or you can help your flat-footed friends during Dark Recital which often is the main cause of death for players.
  • This encounter is incredibly helter-skelter, watch your feet, and try to stay near the middle of the room so you can more easily get to your dance location without having to cross the entire field.
  • Oppressive Atmosphere will deal ever increasing ticking damage, the dance moves can interrupt their ramp so be ready to immediately start healing once the dance ends to best handle these high stacks.
Discipline Priest Builds & Tips For Sludgefist

Discipline Priest Tips

  • Every minute, starting around 1 minute, the boss will cast Destructive Impact dealing heavy raid wide damage.
  • After he breaks out of each stun, he will then immediately cast Colossal Roar and resume his normal mechanics.
  • Raid wide cooldowns for the impact should be flexible enough to allow players to consistently soak the debris from the pillars. Missing them will instantly cause a wipe.
  • Look to Spirit Shell preemptively before the pillar impact. You should have shields up and rolling well before he impacts so you can focus your attention on soaking debris on Mythic. Generally your ramps will begin as the Chain Slam/Roar Combo goes out.
Discipline Priest Builds & Tips For Stone Legion Generals

Discipline Priest Tips

  • Wicked Laceration are a constant for this encounter and are only removed via the Crystallize mechanic. Keep in mind when you are removing your bleed effect that you will be stunned for around 5 seconds. Preparing cooldowns around this fact, or delaying your stun/bleed removal will be vital for consistentcy with your raid cd assignments.
  • The Heart Hemorrhage debuffs will deal substantial damage but can be controlled for when they afflict the players. You can time these triggers so they coincide with Pulverizing Meteor and use heavy damage reduction to get high value.
  • Pulverizing Meteor occurs around every minute start at around every minute starting at 0:20, THEN 1:25, 2:26, 3:24 etc. Ramp for this with Spirit Shell and make sure everyone is in to soak in order to spread the damage most effectively.
  • Have lock gates set up to give players more breathing room in case they're getting knocked back.
Discipline Priest Builds & Tips For Sire Denathrius

Discipline Priest Tips

  • Blood Price should be the focus of your ramp in Phase 1. This starts at 20 seconds into the fight and happens every minute thereafter. Almost like this raid was made for Spirit Shell.
  • This means that in Phase 1 you start ramping immediately on the pull, not prepull, but on the pull. Look to activate Spirit Shell while the adds are out so you can have shields out for the Blood Price.
  • After Cleansing Pain goes out copies of Sire Denathrius will spawn that need to be soaked on Heroic and Mythic. If you are mid-ramp and cast Mindgames before these copies sprint to their targets it will negate the potential healing Sire will try to do to himself creating MASSIVE absorb effects.
  • Rapid movement is extremely important if you have multiple windrush totems, stampeding roar, lock gates, lean on them for different parts of phase 1 to get into position and planted before incoming damage.
  • Crimson Chorus in Phase 2 is the heaviest damage that decreases by the time the more enemies die. Ramp IMMEDIATELY upon entering Phase 2, and then watch your timers for the next set of add spawns for your follow up ramp. On my kill on heroic I ramped at around 2:40, 4:00, then 5 minutes before we entered P3.
  • Hand of Destruction is very heavy damage in the final phase and should be ramped for in P3 but NOT in P2. In the final phase you can't run far enough away from this ability so the damage will be heavy. First hit was around 6:10 with our push timings (yours may vary), then 7:37 and a final one at 8:12 before the fight ended. Ramp for two of these and Power Word: Barrier the third.

Discipline Priest Raid Castle Nathria Strengths

  • Powerful burst healing that can be adjusted to align with damage patterns on any boss fight.
  • Consistent damage while maintaining high healing.
  • Absorption effects through a low cooldown with Spirit Shell or Rapture.
  • High emphasis on maximizing gameplay to improve healing performance, high skill cap.
  • Strong defensive cooldowns in Pain Suppression and Power Word: Barrier.

Discipline Priest Raid Weaknesses

  • Decent mobility (thanks to covenant) and middling defensives.
  • Requires enemy targets to produce substantial healing.
  • Unforgiving if errors are made in preparing for future damage spikes.

Notable Castle Nathria Gear

In Shadowlands, all of the highest item level gear drops from Raids. Because of this, all of the gear is notable in that it has more stats than other gear. Castle Nathria includes several pieces of gear with special effects that may influence your gearing or gameplay, as discussed below. Make sure to visit the Discipline Priest Gear Guide for the full recommended gear list. Castle Nathria doesn't have any direct weapon drops, but instead, players will loot tokens that can be traded for weapons in their Covenant Sanctums.


Apogee Anima BeadOff-HandWarrior, Paladin, Priest, MonkArtificer Xy'mox
Venerated Anima SpheruleMain Hand/StaffPaladin, Priest, ShamanHungering Destroyer
Apogee Anima BeadOff-HandWarrior, Paladin, Priest, MonkStone Legion Generals
Venerated Anima SpheruleMain Hand/StaffPaladin, Priest, ShamanSire Denathrius


  • Cabalist's Hymnal This trinket is pretty strong overall, and gets better the more people who use it. It also has a naturally higher item level due to it dropping from Sire Denathrius.
  • Tuft of Smoldering Plumage This trinket isn't the highest HPS option for Priests, but the utility of being able to give a player a short duration cheat death is certainly noteworthy. It can save a life in some circumstances.
  • Manabound Mirror this is an okay trinket just due to its item level. It provides a pretty short cooldown heal that is respectable. It's nothing super exciting, but is solid enough.