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Battle for Azeroth Discipline Priest Guide - Gearing & Best in Slot

Guide provided by Wowhead
Guide provided by Wowhead

What is the BIS Discipline Priest gear?

Because Titanforging allows gear from many different sources to be competitive, targeting your absolute Best in Slot gear isn't entirely realistic; instead, we've created a Best in Slot list from the ideal Discipline Priest raid drops found in Eternal Palace, to help you decide what to prioritize and how best to spend your Seal of Wartorn Fate.

Discipline Priest will primarily focus on maximizing item level in most gear slots, with rings, trinkets and azerite slots (Helm/Chest/Shoulders) as the notable exceptions. Those slots should be targeted when possible for specific stat or Azerite bonuses although they too can be replaced if there is a significant item level increase. For example a low level Mastery/Haste ring (desirable Discipline stats) can be replaced by a significantly higher item level Vers/Crit ring, especially if it also has a socket.

Due to personal loot restrictions in BfA, keep in mind that obtaining the below items may be more difficult so do not be stressed if you do not have the perfect gear set going into raid. Playstyle makes a massive difference over having the most optimal gear slots.

Note: For the raid items selections below, this list is meant to put some suggestions of pieces to pursue. Having this entire set be your best pieces is unlikely to be achievable and will likely focus too much on just one stat. Usually mid-high 20s is sufficient for haste value so Crit/Mastery can then be pursued in other slots in lieu of stacking just haste. ITEM LEVEL IS OFTEN BETTER.


Trinkets are less sensitive to item level differences. For example, some trinkets, like the Revitalizing Voodoo Totem are very underpowered compared to other dungeon effects, so a high ilvl totem may not be better than one of the trinkets above unless it is a massive difference in intellect.

Benthic Gear

Benthic Items are pieces from Nazjatar that can be upgraded with the manapearls found through World Quests, killing Rares and completing objectives in the zone. These pearls can be used to purchase Benthic items or can be used to upgrade existing piece's item level, up to 425. Benthic pieces have predetermined stats but have a chance to gain a tertiary or to have a socket on them. You can read more about the Benthic system in Wowhead's Benthic Armor in Rise of Azshara guide.

While there are a great deal of damage increases, there are minimal pieces that are highly sought after for most healers, especially because these damaging effects do not impact Atonement. In general, they can be used to fill in gaps in gear or to ensure that you are able to get the azerite traits that you need in a certain slot.

The most ideal piece for Disc Priest is the Shirakess Cinch which increases your damage to Abberations which translates into a slight bonus in Atonement healing. Other items can be used to increase your raw damage but do not transfer to Atonement healing.

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