Holy Priest Mythic+ Dungeon Tips & Tricks

Mythic+ is a special type of dungeon mode in World of Warcraft, offering players an endlessly-scaling challenge.

This page is meant to help optimize your Holy Priest in Mythic+ content by highlighting the best Holy Priest gear, best Holy Priest talent builds, and the best rotations to help you succeed in these challenging dungeons, as well as Holy specific tips and tricks both for individual dungeons and the Shadowlands Season 3 Encrypted Affix in Shadowlands.

Best Legendaries for Holy Priest

Flash Concentration dominates with its powerful single target healing efficiency. This is fantastic for supporting tanks that are generally allergic to kiting and as a result will stay in melee fighting requiring constant heavy healing support. It can also be extremely effective for healing Tyrannical bosses.

Dungeons in Shadowlands are extremely focused on tank damage with some split/cleave damage on the side and it happens at a much greater frequency than your Holy Word: Sanctify and Holy Word: Serenity can fill at the high keystone levels. As a result Flash Concentration is your best end-game selection for taking your gameplay to the next level as it offers high throughput with good mana efficiency to deal with such heavy pressure while also being able to effectively pace your mana.

With double legendaries you'll be able to add Spheres' Harmony into the mix to provide a substantial damage increase through more cooldown reduction for your Boon of the Ascended.

Best Holy Priest Mythic+ Talents

The build you will be using in Mythic+ is as follows. Shining Force is also a competitive option on the 35 row.

With Apotheosis you can "Resonant Weave" with the Holy Word resets that Apotheosis provides you can easily cast many buffed Heal casts in between Holy Word: Serenity/Holy Word: Sanctify and Holy Word: Chastise casts to get large value per cast.

Best Holy Priest Covenant for Mythic+

The best Covenant for Holy Priest in Season 3 Mythic+ is Kyrian in Patch 9.2.

In Mythic+ the Night Fae is extremely good defensively but it doesn't produce much damage on its own and is dependent on another player benefiting from your Fairies for a damage increase.

Due to those reasons and the meta shifting massively towards min/maxxing healer damage at all levels of M+, the Kyrian covenant takes the cake. Boon of the Ascended does excellent M+ damage alongside its supporting soulbind and legendary, your uptime is significantly improved for this ability without losing out on any healing. Damage is a major decider for healers in mythic+ for 9.2 and as a result Kyrian will be the preferred option for pushing high Mythic+.

More detailed information on the various Covenants is available below. You can familiarize yourself with the abilities at your disposal, and their uses:

Best Soulbind for Holy Priest in Mythic+

Kyrian - Mikanikos

Kyrian Holy Priests will receive even more damage thanks to this soulbinds haste and cooldown reduction buffs. The auto-phial effect can also come in clutch in key scenarios with bursty incoming damage.

For more information on other Covenant Soulbinds, please see our Holy Priest Covenant guides.

Sepulcher of the First Ones Tier Set Bonuses for Holy Priest

Holy's set bonuses drill down on what the spec is already good at, pumping out lots of Holy Words, particularly Holy Word: Serenity's since we are very single target focused in our healing. The 4-set is particularly nice as you can leverage that buff to increase the healing OR damage of your next Holy-Word-affecting spell, which means you can increase your damage with Smite casts after Holy Words.

Season 3 Encrypted Affix Tips for Holy Priest

Best Encrypted Buffs for Holy Priest

Whenever you encounter a set of Encrypted relics in a Mythic+ dungeon, your group will spawn a Lieutenant based on whichever Relic dies first and that Lieutenant will give the group a buff on death.

The buffs are a group choice, so you can try to convince your group which buff to get, but you might have to work with other buffs at times.

RelicBuff EffectsComments
Decrypted Urh CypherCDR / Mana RegenGood mana and cooldown reduction synergy with Boon of the Ascended.
Decrypted Wo CypherSpeed, DR and StealthSituationally useful if skipping.
Decrypted Vy CypherHaste and Proc EffectGreat in most situations.

Encrypted Lieutenants Strategies for Holy Priest

Urh Dismantler

Urh Dismantler mostly impacts your tank, periodically debuffing your tank to take more damage with Deconstruct. It'll also cast Force Slam, a swirly centered on the tank which can be avoided.

This buff provides excellent Boon of the Ascended cooldown reduction also allowing you t o Ascended Blast every global while the buff is up resulting in tremendous single target damage as a healer. This season is all about healer damage and this buff is excellent for improving Holy's already strong dps.

Wo Drifter

  • Buff: Decrypted Wo Cypher - Increased Movement Speed, Damage Reduction, and Stealth for 60 seconds.
  • Special abilities: Burst

Wo Drifter only casts Burst. Help with interrupts if you have it available and be ready for defensives if it looks like the cast is about to go off.

This multi buff is very niche and it really needs to be planned out in a route to see value.

Vy Interceptor

Vy Interceptor spams Shoot on random targets causing some party damage. It'll also periodically cast Fusion Beam indicated by a line on the ground which hits very hard and should be avoided.

Overall a lot to like about this buff particularly for the damage that it provides. It is not often that the healing buff will be a factor in determining whether or not to take this buff.

Dealing with Weekly Affixes as a Holy Priest

We've listed some of the affixes present in Mythic+ when there is something to know about dealing with them as a Holy Priest. The full list of affixes for a season can be found here:

Bursting is often a group based challenge, while Priest can now Mass Dispel the Bursting affix, you also need to keep in mind that it may not be up for every single instance of bursting that goes out. Furthermore, you also need to push the team to kill all enemies together as constant, staggered bursting will rapidly eat through your mana. In mob packs with very uneven health pools utilizing an early Divine Hymn while damage is low to medium will go a long way towards smoothing out the damage onto targets until a sufficient amount of enemies are dead for you to get good value from your Mass Dispel. Outside of Mass Dispel, you can also single dispel the debuff as well. Look to the weakest member or lowest health member of your party to give them immediate relief from the bursting damage.

Changed in Shadowlands for Grievous to be removed by direct healing, this looked initially to be a massive boon for the spec but only certain abilities now remove stacks causing some great confusion. From the last experiences in beta Heal, Flash Heal, Holy Word: Serenity, Power Word: Shield, and Prayer of Mending's initial application will all remove stacks on the affected player(s) but for some reason Prayer of Healing, Circle of Healing, Divine Hymn, and Holy Word: Sanctify do not.

Do your best to aggressively remove stacks and prioritize topping players that will not be taking any additional damage after they are cleared. Prayer of Mending and Circle of Healing are insanely efficient healing for this affix and failure to utilize these abilities consistently will often result in a huge mana drain on the Holy Priest. Consider prioritizing your potion uses for mana instead of for offense while this affix is up

Often there is not much that a Priest can do for Inspiring as well. You'll have Shining Force to knock the mob out of the party if it comes in on accident and if it is applied to an undead enemy you can utilize Shackle Undead to lock it down and keep it away. There could also be some potential for skips with Mind Soothe but it is very mob-dependent.

Necrotic can be a difficult affix for the healer alone to manage, as often the tank will have the greatest control over their stacks. You can, however, assist the tank and group through well-coordinated Shining Force and Leap of Faith usage. Working with the tank to call for Shining Force to be cast off of them so they can safely begin kiting will often save the tank resources that they can use later on. When playing an aggressive pull, Shining Force will give them instant breathing room and a short slow effect.

Shining Force is an excellent tool to assist with the Sanguine affix. It can be cast off of yourself or an ally to knock mobs away with ease. Keep in mind that the knockback range is VERY far so you need to be mindful as to where you're knocking them. When the tank can reasonably call and predict where the mobs will be moving towards it makes it easier to reduce the healing that Sanguine will provide to enemy trash packs.

Once again being ranged has its advantages as the Spiteful enemies deal tremendous melee damage. Prioritize healing melee players when the enemies spawn and make sure you and any other ranged players keep your distance. Try to snipe Shadow Word: Death's to finish them off, ideally on the mobs targeting melee.

The Storming affix is generally simple for ranged players as they can dodge most of the effects by standing at max range. In situations where soaks are required like Lord Chamberlain in Halls of Atonement, just be ready to move back to dodge the storming or step in if allies are getting knocked out of their designated soaking location.

Holy Priest Mythic+ Dungeon Tips

We've separated the dungeons into different tabs so that you can refer to them quickly. Each dungeon also has its Wowhead Mechanics guide linked, so you can refer to all of the mechanics in that dungeon.



General GRIEVOUS....sorta. Rotating shield around the boss called Rotary Body Armor that must be manuevered around, a disarm mechanic where you must go and find your weapon in the room (make sure your main hand or staff is very visible for maximum ease) and finally a General Grievous like whirl of blades Interrogation that will cut down one player that is stunned then fixated by the boss. You can use Leap of Faith to give your team some extra time to break them out of the fixate but in general all allies must immediately target swap to save them.

Alcruux / Achillite The Menagerie

Phase 1: Alcruux

Just stay out of melee range for Grip of Hunger. You will also need to watch your feet and dodge each Grand Consumption explosion.

Phase 2: Achillite

Instantly dispel Purification Protocol on a melee player, it won't detonate if it is dispelled.

One player will be afflicted by a lengthy DoT from the Devourer that must be healed through. When fighting the Kyrian construct he will spawn anima orbs that REDUCE your damage done, UNLESS you are currently carrying the Devourer's debuff. Bounce the debuff between DPS players and have them take turns soaking up the anima orbs to gain a BUFF to their damage instead of a DEBUFF if they were soaking without the Devourer affect.

Watch your tank when the boss gains a shield through Flagellation Protocol. The tank will take a number of high damage hits. Again, as the boss before, you will also need to ensure you are dodging orbs from Venting Protocol as much as possible.

Phase 3: Venza Goldfuse

There is a lot of different things to dodge during this phase. Be far away from the boss before Whirling Annihilation goes off to avoid getting destroyed.

P.O.S.T. Master

Strong party spread is important throughout this encounter. The Post Master will spawn multiple soak locations that, if ignored, will spawn permanent void zones. Dispel any player affected by Hazardous Liquids they receive after soaking.

Fan Mail is an unavoidable physical AoE, and Money Order requires everyone to stack. Make sure the group is topped going into either.

Use party markers to identify the mail chute where the exploding packages must be tossed into and remember that you can toss packages to allies, this strat will be used during the hardmode. Priority bloodlust encounter.


This fight is a bit wack. Each player takes an instrument, some are frontals, 360 degree aoes or cones. Make sure you pick up an instrument at the start of the fight. Use your extra action button to leap through notes that appear on the stage, building stacks of Jazzy to gain Up Tempo!. Most of this fight plays itself to be honest. Ranged or a Healer can sit on the drums in the back to keep everyone in range and stay away from the adds that spawn.

Zo'gron uses Suppression Spark every 30 seconds and you'll have to make sure you're not in melee but otherwise its a straightforward fight.


The master assassin! The encounter starts with the boss splitting the room into two sections with Divide, leaving multiple pillars with matching symbols. Going into the Square pillar takes you to the other Square, simple right? Initially, use these pillars to dodge the boss' Halo-like AoE.

Try to adjust your camera so that you can continuously keep an eye on the pillars and at all costs, follow the tank. As long as the boss isn't casting he'll always be following the tank around and you need to keep an eye on the tank on this encounter. Watch targets hit with Quickblade as it does leave a bleed on them.


The titan defender encounter is very heavily reliant on team coordination, which means that it'll naturally be an encounter where the healer must spam players as they try to figure out which end is up! Be ready to move quickly to avoid the Purged by Fire laser and spam whoever is targetted by it.

There are 4 marked icons which must be placed into different consoles on the sides of the room, while one player must step up to the to activate the alter then they can run the respective runes in the middle of the room to their matching consoles at the end of the room. This weakaura will post in chat two rows of text. The first row will be top left and top right and the second row will dictate the bottom left and bottom right locations for the runes. As a healer, run up to the console with this weakaura, it will post in chat and then make sure all players know about the weakaura so they know where to bring their orbs.

Timecap'n Hooktail

The fight itself is very simple. Just heal and watch where the boss is point to avoid Infinite Breath from his breath and Hook Swipe from Hooktail’s tail.

Other than that, just stay away from the ship and out of the water.

Add management is everything on this fight and staying mobile to rally adds into the boss' breath is key.


This is a two-phase encounter, the first being about add and debuff management and the second about managing the encounter space.

You'll need to deal with Collapsing Star in both phases, which debuffs players with Collapsing Energy when they take a stack, you can only take one stack at a time. Make sure you keep the group topped between each application of the debuff.

In Phase 2 you will also need to deal with Power Overwhelming. Continue to keep the group topped but you will also need to focus on positioning yourself for Hyperlight Jolt; make sure that the arrow pointing at you is going through one of the relics so standing so that the arrow goes through the relic is a must. Standing inside the relic is not always going to get the job done.

Inner Circle Trash

Risen Bonesoldier

These can be subject to Shackle Undead which is especially helpful if you need to stop a patrol.

Skeletal Raptor

Be sure to keep Decrepit Bite dispelled.

Hakkar Side

There is nothing to note besides interrupts on the trash for Holy Priest. Using Psychic Scream to interrupt the offerings on this side is quite valuable. Similarly to the King's Rest berserkers, Atal'ai Deathwalker can be Shackle Undeadded to reduce damage intake by interrupting their bladestorm ability.

Manastorm Side

All enemies in this gauntlet are mechanical, so there is no potential fun with Shackle Undead. Line of sight Lubricate if your group is out of kicks and make sure they prioritize Self-Cleaning Cycle.

The Headless Clients can be knocked back with Shining Force.


Throw Buzz-Saw hurts, and there is no real way to reset it other than by transitioning the boss. Treat it like a test of survival where the damage ramps up as the fight goes on: don't blow long-duration cooldowns at the start, ask the tank to position Milli against the wall so you can stand in the path of the bombs and easily defuse them as they run out.

Xy'exa Side

The Dragon in Ardenweald can be Mind Soothe'd to more easily maneuver around it, otherwise there is little special interactions.

Dealer Xy'exa

Assist players with Levitate or Leap of Faith when they're falling in the air to reduce fall damage. Only really necessary when players are at risk of dying from the fall damage or went up into the air too early and will die or take too much damage if they land earlier..


Use Mass Dispel on a clustered group of players to focus all the void zones in one area and to reduce aoe damage taken by the raid. Make sure you have damage resources ready for when you're traveling to the totems to kill it more consistently.

General Trash Tips

Shard of Halkias

Three of these enemies must be killed before the first boss can be engaged. Watch for their Thrash mechanic. This mechanic can be outranged so make sure your melee are positioned at max melee range so you can still heal them while you outrange and reduce the overall damage of the group.

Depraved Collector

Are often paired with the Shard of Halkias. Watch for the Siphon Life during Thrash. This must be dispelled IMMEDIATELY making it even more important to outrange the aoe damage.

Stoneborn Reaver

Nasty enemy that you encounter after the first boss. Their Turn to Stone should be interrupted, but if it is not you will have to dispel any stunned players then Dispel Magic or Mass Dispel the enemies that were granted the damage reduction. If Mass Dispel is on cooldown, focus on purging the Stoneborn Reavers before other enemies.


Simple encounter. Stay in the ring to avoid being feared by Sinlight Visions, stay at around max range in the ring to more easily dodge ground affects and have more room to dodge the Refracted Sinlight. Take your time and if you have to choose between the beam damage and the ground effects, take the ground effect damage. The beam as you go into higher keys will hurt much more.


After the first boss the courtyard above is filled with humanoid enemies. You will need a bit of finesse and tight movement to make this work but casting Mind Soothe on the marked enemies, killing or halting the anklebiter patrol with a Paralysis or Hunter's trap can help you get enough room to make a skip similar to this work. Work with your team to optimize your routes around Mind Soothe when possible!


Hardest boss in the instance, try to align Bloodlust with this boss. As a Priest you cannot dispel the Curse of Stone but you can cast Pain Suppression while stunned. If you have someone else in the group who can dispel curses, make sure they are dispelling the player targetted by Stone Shattering Leap while you and everyone else get out of their way. If you are fortunate enough to have TWO curse removals, designate one to always dispel yourself and another to always dispel the stomp target so you can ensure players are as healthy as possible after the adds are killed.

High Adjudicator Aleez

Simple fight. Watch your feet, guide the Ghastly Parishioner into his home in the jars and contribute damage when possible!

Lord Chamberlain

Challenging encounter at the end of the instance. Watch the position the statues are facing to know where they'll go when the boss casts Telekinetic Toss. During Ritual of Woe players can soak multiple statue lines at a time while only taking the effective damage of one by standing inside the boss. Have two players standing inside so you can focus healing into them. There are two rounds of this so work to space out players personals and your own resources.

General Trash Tips

Drust Soulcleaver

Extremely dangerous mobs that you fight early on in the instance. They cast Soul Split on the tank, increasing their damage taken and dealing a significant chunk of damage as well. Focus on dispelling the debuff before topping off the tank.

Drust Harvester

Also a nuisance in this dungeon, their Harvest Essence channel heals them and damage the party. If no other interrupts are available, lean on Psychic Scream to interrupt them.

Drust Boughbreaker

Deal heavy damage with Furious Thrashing when they hit 50% health. Make sure when the first one is pushed to half health that you lean on your mobile spells to dodge the void zones that the higher health enemy will continue casting until they push to 50% as well. Once the second one pushes you can more easily plant your feet and cast.

Purges: Mistveil Tender, Mistveil Shaper, Spinemaw Staghorn

All of the above enemies cast friendly buffs onto their allies and need to be a priority of dps. Nourish the Forest, Bramblethorn Coat, and Stimulate Resistance are cast by the mobs above respectively and can all be removed by Dispel Magic or Mass Dispel. With the final buff, it is cast on every enemy nearby. Make sure to have Mass Dispel ready to be able to remove those rapidly.

Ingra Maloch

Him and his thrall Droman Oulfarran are just all about watching your feet. Dodge void zones, focus the tree and then save damage for the boss when the tree is broken free.


There are a couple of easy skips that can be produced in Mists. After you clear the first couple trash packs you'll get some easy skips to get closer to the boss with ease. Mind Soothe for the win!


Prepare to dodge and communicate! This boss will require you to find the image that is unlike the others. The variables are Leaf/Flower, Filled/Empty, or Border (circle) or no border. This will often fall to the healers to watch for, get your pattern recognition caps on! Psychic Scream the Illusionary Vulpin to keep it away from your allies and yourself.


Final boss of the instance with a large boss room, adds that fixate on the healer and a mess of void zones. The Acid Expulsion will target your feet and the last place that you traveled to dodge the previous Acid Expulsion. Make sure to minimize your movement to have an easier time dodging this event.

General Trash Tips

Zolramus Gatekeeper

First major enemies that you encounter in the dungeon, they have a lengthy DoT called Clinging Darkness that should be dispelled when it reaches around ~8 stacks. It will jump to another player and begin ramping damage again. It is tedious to continue dispelling but will spread the damage pressure out between your allies.

Corpse Harvester

The most annoying enemies in existence. They have a very damaging Drain Fluids cast that also "disorients" you. Even though damage should break disorients?? Either way, watch these enemies like a hawk, stand by them and use Psychic Scream if need be. Just make sure they get stopped.

Necrotic Bolt

Many different mobs cast this ability. Keep in mind that it is a negative healing absorb, that is it will consume the healing that you intend. Work to heal up your allies afflicted with this ability and assist with fears when possible to reduce the pressure.


Always aim Heaving Retch away from the group, ideally facing a wall or facing over the previous pile of gas on the ground. Even if you have to run into the gas pool, silencing yourself for a moment, it is worth as long as you don't get yourself killed. This will save a tremendous amount of space and make it less likely that you'll bump into other enemies you don't intend to pull.

Help your team with killing the Carrion Worm. You can Psychic Scream to interrupt their damaging cast and you can Shining Force them back into the gas piles to gain some separation for you and your allies. Keep in mind that if they melee too much then they'll explode and wipe the party.


One of the most significant skips in Necrotic Wake will be dodging around Nar'zudah, an extremely nasty enemy. You can go around either side of this group. I would recommend going around Nar'zudah's side as there is a training dummy on the opposite side and if your team isn't careful they'll move too close to the bonecarver like the image below!

Use Mind Soothe to go around Nar'zudah the opposite way!


Necrolord and dragon combined! Watch for the boss' frontals and don't burn all of your resources early on damage. Each Final Harvest will consume the killed bodies and increase the boss' passive ticking damage on the party. You must kill every undead enemy before that cast, but if you team lacks kicks and is busy with other enemies, you can use Shackle Undead to shut down a caster to give your team more breathing room.

Surgeon Stitchflesh

Practice your aim! Personally I like to have my back to the construct and walk towards the boss on his platform to better align the Meat Hook.

Nalthor the Rimebinder

Stay spread before dispelling Frozen Binds, move from Comet Storm, win!

General Trash Tips

If you can dispel it, you should. This entire dungeon is one big diseased mess with almost every trash pack applying new diseases to the tank. Your Purify should pretty much be cycling for majority of the dungeon to best help your group.

Rotmarrow Slime

Constant, spamming Corrosive Gunk that debuffs nearby players can be particularly annoying. Stay out of range to avoid taking extra stacks.

Defender of Many Eyes

Cast an annoying Bulwark of Maldraxxus reducing the damage of anyone in the field. Use Shackle Undead to interrupt this cast.


A good example of the needs for rapid dispels. The first boss' Plaguestomp applies the Debilitating Plague disease to each player. Dispel yourself and any other immobile dps to help them better dodge the follow up Slime Wave. Your crowd control in Holy Word: Chastise, Shining Force and Psychic Scream is also very good for helping with the Beckon Slime from the boss.

Doctor Ickus

Decent helter-skelter fight with multiple dispellable debuffs on the tank. Work to keep Purify cycling and help your team kill the Plague Bomb when it spawns. A Congealed Slime will also spawn and while the tank should keep it away, they don't always. So having Shining Force at the ready to knock it away from the bomb is great to have.


There is a solid mix of humanoids amongst the undeads and abberations. One of the most important skips that Mind Soothe can produce is that of helping skip Virulax Blightweaver. A named NPC that is supposed to produce a nasty gauntlet for players. Simply hug the edges of the room to dodge his endless spawn of enemies, cast Mind Soothe and run around him.

Domina Venomblade

This boss leaves a nasty poison DoT on the tank periodically. Look to your group for a Monk, Druid or Paladin to assist you with dispelling this debuff. If they're a DPS, make sure they know that it is their job to support you here as damage can ramp up rapidly. One of the most dangerous parts of this encounter is when the boss summons stealthed Brood Assassin that throw blades at the party.

In order to remove these enemies you're supposed to run over the Shroudweb fields to reveal them. As Priests however, moving sucks. Instead, cast Mass Dispel on those Shroudweb fields. This will reveal the enemies hiding in there and they will rush to get into melee range of players.

Margrave Stradama

The final boss of the instance. High movement, many diseases and heavily stacked players. Wait until the final stack of the Infectious Rain before you dispel yourself or another player. Space out cooldowns, defensives to best handle each of these rain casts, this can be a long and tedious encounter.

To dodge the Plague Crash, watch for the shining effect from the tentacles in order to know which are the next up to slam.

General Trash

Grand Overseer

Be mindful of these annoying enemies. Stand at max range to avoid the Dread Bindings cast.

Wicked Oppressor

Be sure to keep Wrack Soul dispelled. There will be many of these debuffs out on the party. Lean on Mass Dispel to clear multiple debuffs at once.

Kryxis the Voracious

Position away from the boss and preferably against a wall to reduce your movement from Severing Smash. Coordinate with your team to have a mobile dps clear the orbs while you top your group. Preemptive use of Prayer of Mending will help and make sure you have Apotheosis at the ready to quickly top off allies as needed.

Executor Torvald and the Fleeting Manifestation

This mob hurts and must be focused down immediately. Stay around max range to give your team room to move towards you whenever Residue drops. The less you have to move the easier you can focus on healing or assisting with killing the add.

Grand Proctor

Primary focus here will be on pre-spreading your group to soak the orbs to reduce your damage taken from Rite of Supremacy. Holy words, Circle of Healing and Prayer of Mending can all be cast on the move, so look to have those ready to cast when you need to dodge and be casting Prayer of Healing or Flash Heal as needed when you are able to plant your feet.

General Kaal

Wicked Rush can be dodged with the movement speed from Angelic Feather, give yourself sufficient room to run in a straight line to reduce the chances of taking on this permanent bleed. Stack with the team under Z'rali during Gloom Squall, at lower levels this will not one-shot but will knock players off the platform, be ready with Leap of Faith if players are slow getting into position.

In general this dungeon is very "on the rails" and there are not a ton of finesse plays that are afforded to you as a result.

General Trash Tips

Forsworn Mender

These plain male Kyrians are featured multiple times throughout this instance.

  • Infuse Weapon: WATCH for this cast. This empowers their weapon making them deal bonus damage, it can be removed through Dispel Magic or Mass Dispel. Upon removal, the weapon will be removed from the enemy and can be picked up by a player. It deals a stout amount of damage and empowers melee swings. Tell your melee players to watch for this weapon so they can quickly secure it and use it to finish off the rest of the trash pack. This is a great time saver for your team.


Watch for these Wyrms as they apply Insidious Venom very quickly and it stacks. Make sure all wyrms have applied the debuff before you dispel.

Forsworn Justicar

These forsworn cast, Forced Confession another debuff featured prominently throughout the dungeon. This dispel is also a high priority, much like pretty much every debuff in this instance. Waste no time removing it.


Heavy-tank damage with moderate movement. Be sure to keep DoTs up on both the angel and her pet as they share a health pool. Tank healing is a priority though there are some moderate damage debuffs that can be dispelled with ease. Watch your feet, watch the tank, contribute damage.


Heavy priority target healing required. Stand back from the boss' void pools to better dodge the incoming projectiles. Keep your eyes down-range to learn the cycle of the projectiles and be prepared for the recharge phase where the boss will accelerate the projectile quantity. Dark Stride can place a hefty debuff on the player and will need constant healing to keep them alive. Work with your team on timing defensives both external and personal for when you may have to move to dodge projectiles.


This instance is filled with humanoids, providing many opportunities for Mind Soothe to shine. These are a few options for potential skips that Mind Soothe can create.

Upon entering the platform of the 3rd boss, you can Mind Soothe the Justicar and Warden to skip them and jump up the side of the stairs and get around them without having to engage.

Past those enemies there are a swarm of Usurpers that can also be skipped by tightly hugging the right side and Soothe'ing the closest two.

These are not the only skips in this dungeon but are some of the most easy to pull off.


Simple stack-spread fight. Dispel the Charged Stomp, spread for Purifying Blast and stack again to place anima fields. Keep in mind that the anima orbs will "cleave" allies who are too close to the soaking player so keep your distance from the tank or other player who is absorbing them.


Mass Dispel the Lost Confidence when possible, keeping them out of the defensive field. The most challenging part of this encounter are the two intermissions where players receive stacking Lingering Doubt debuffs while they must gather orbs. First, gather one orb to help your team, blanketting Renew while moving, evaluate if anyone had to step through void zones in order to get their orb and singular dispel any high stack player (3-4+). Plant your feet, providing spot healing or aoe as needed in order to even out everyone's health. Then as the collective group's stacks are increasing to around 3 or 4 hit Divine Hymn to save mana and heal.

By the time that you finish channeling, your team should have knocked the boss back to earth. Tell everyone to stack and then Mass Dispel to clear the debuffs. Mass Dispel halfway through just consumes more mana as you end up healing the 2-4 stacks that would be present on players after the intermission ends. It is much better to focus on keeping players alive during the intermission and single dispelling on cooldown, then hitting Mass Dispel as the phase ends. Exceptions can be made if multiple misses are made from the javelin.

General Trash

Diseases and bleeds! Make sure your dispel is ready and you are well-prepared for the variety of ticking damage that takes place in this dungeon. Rancid Gasbag in particular have a nasty frontal and "back-al?" that applies a disease to players if hit and disorients them. Your disease dispel is particularly handy for this if anyone gets caught in the blast.

Affront of Challengers

Make sure to dispel Unholy Fervor from the Battlefield Ritualist. Stay close to the melee to be in easy reach for a quick save if the rogue ambushes you.


Stay close to the boss to avoid getting dragged in by the boss, making it harder to dodge the Meat Hooks. This boss features smaller NPCs that explode on death, try to use Shining Force when possible to knock these enemies into walls or away from players when they are about to Vile Eruption.

Xav the Unfallen

Extremely patchwerk encounter for healers. Watch the tank damage and focus the Oppressive Banner at all times to remove the slow debuff.

Kultharok Side

Portal Guardian deal very heavy damage with Soulstorm also applying a curse to one player that makes them take extra damage. Give them greater focus or have another player dispel them to reduce their damage taken. Ready your Leap of Faith for the Nefarious Darkspeaker, their Death Winds cast will launch players off the platform. Watch where they are facing and be ready to help your team.


Primary mechanics are Phantasmal Parasite and Draw Soul. In general its just a fight that requires heavy single target healing. The challenge however is when these mechanics align on players resulting in a lethal scenario. While you can Mass Dispel the Phantasmal Parasite debuffs it is more important to have better timed Mass Dispel rather than more of them. Watching the timers the boss can stack cast sequences resulting in both debuffs being applied simultaneously. Prepare for this and the debuffs will be much easier to deal with. Without Mass Dispel, prioritize dispelling anyone who is also being Draw Soul'd, then anyone low, then yourself or another dps with limited defensives. Tanks are generally safe to leave this debuff up on.

Mordretha, the Endless Empress

This fight is extremely helter-skelter and features a great many void zones and one-shot level mechanics as you get to higher level dungeons. Stay CLOSE to the boss and stand opposite to where the tank is facing the boss. The closer you are, the easier it is to dodge the Dark Devastation which can push you into extremely unfavorable positions if you're not careful. Stay close to the group, lightly spread and keep your UI clean to be able to see what is coming next.

Holy Priest Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Powerful single-target healing through Flash Concentration and one minute Guardian Spirit
  • Strong mana-efficiency can keep casting longer than most
  • Significant defensive cooldown reduction for the party in Symbol of Hope
  • Flexible stuns/fears/knockbacks depending on talent selection
  • Very low overall damage, especially in AoE
  • Immobile with poor defensives
  • No damage reduction to assist in mass AoE damage, see Enraged Spirit's Rage.

Holy Priest Mythic+ Utility

Holy Word: Serenity and Holy Word: Sanctify: Holy Power

Less of "utility" per se but a very relevant part of their kit that deserves mention. With Shadowlands allowing for even more rapid holy word generation through Apotheosis's instant resets and bonus "follow up" healing synergy through Resonant Words, Holy Priest is better equipped than ever to rapidly top off the party for the heavy group damage that teams will sustain in Shadowlands dungeons.

Mind Soothe: Trash Skips

Casting Mind Soothe on both enemies creates that Purple effect over their heads, reducing their aggro radius allowing you to slip by without drawing threat. Priest STEALTH......of sorts!

Keep in mind that this is not a "true" Crowd Control. This reduces the radius with which you can move past humanoids or dragonkins. You can STILL aggro enemies if you move too close to them, you just have much more room to work with. This can save your team invisibility potions and a great deal of time putting together skips to optimize your routes!

Guardian Spirit: Powerful, in the right hands

Guardian Spirit is a bit of an oddity for tank externals but with the right tanks, those that can self heal effectively, this cooldown in conjunction with its synergizing talent is very powerful. Guardian Angel shaving the cooldown down to ~60 seconds also allows it to be used constantly throughout the dungeon, allowing the tank to more consistently heal themselves in areas where your attention may be focused more on damage or healing.

If your tank is not as effective of a self-healer, you can still get frequent use out of Guardian Spirit and will simply keep an eye on them more. Pairing it with a Holy Word: Serenity can almost always help top off your tank in a flash.

Dispel Magic and Mass Dispel removing buffs from enemies

Whether it is the Gushing Slime's Slime Coated buff leaving behind large void zones in Plaguefall, or the hard hitting Atal'ai Deathwalker's Spirit's Spectral buff, there are tons of dispellable buffs from enemies in dungeons.

Many of them will not alter the course of the entire dungeon if removed, but they're often a decent improvement to the safety and security of your dungeon groups. Be sure to keep an eye out for these various buffs in dungeons to quickly remove them and lower the pressure on your team and by extension pressure on you to heal through it!

Mind Control and Shackle Undead Niche but powerful

These abilities are cast infrequently in dungeons but can have excellent uses in the proper scenarios. Mind Control for example can be excellent for the Bolstering affix. If you pull a group of equal health enemies but suddenly another full health mob wanders into the group, you can cast Mind Control BEFORE any bolster stacks are applied, hold that enemy until the others are killed, then release it when the other enemies are dead to avoid any bolster applications. This will not work on already bolstered enemies however.

Shackle Undead has a decent amount of utilization in dungeons like Plaguefall and Theater of Pain. For one, Shackle Undead can be great for immobilizing an undead enemy that is patrolling so you can sneak around it. The ghosts in Theater of Pain's Lich Ward are a good example of this situation. Other areas of use can be when you're dealing with a caster enemy and your team is out of interrupts. Instead you can spam cast Shackle Undead to constantly interrupt their ability casts and give your team more time to get their true interrupts back.

Finding Groups as a Holy Priest - Improving Your Play in Mythic+

While Holy Priests have negative reviews regarding desirability in public opinion, they're all wrong and Holy Priest will be the 2nd highest healer DPS in Season 3.

I personally, was declined in groups in Beta of all places by players who had never played with Holy Priest before and automatically assumed they were bad. To respond, I relentlessly bugged them until they invited me, I healed the dungeon fine, we timed it and they came away with a different outlook on the spec.

In S1, I started by playing Discipline with my coordinated group of friends and began to experiment with playing Holy in keys 1 or 2 levels lower than what I had achieved as Discipline. Over time, my group realized how comfortable it could be to run with the spec and trusted me to make the best decision to help the team chest the next key. As a result I've been playing more and more Holy Priest and was the first Holy Priest to surpass 3000 score on Raider.io in Season 1 and the first Holy Priest to chest a +23 dungeon. It is very frustrating dealing with the ignorance of pugs but you yourself can be an active catalyst for changing community perception. You already are looking to improve yourself if you're reading this guide, keep going!

Healers all have to actively spend more time healing in Shadowlands dungeons and as a result stronger healers will shine through regardless of their class.

Probably the best advice I could give to anybody right now, in the position in which our spec is, is to network. Build a list of trusted players you would like to keep running with. Run with a solid group and you enjoyed how the tank pulled, communicated or was willing to listen? ADD THEM. They're very likely in the same position as you, looking to find teammates to push keys and learn higher dungeons together. Things will likely get rougher as the community "meta" expectations solidify. This will also bring an element of consistency to your runs.

Another key aspect of your runs is the ability to improve, learn and adapt. This innately differentiates the good from the great: the ability to be introspective, to break down a run after completion, and learn from mistakes. One large element of this is the routine of logging your keys, locally recording your runs via OBS software and going over the logs/footage to identify areas that were problematic:

  • Pulls where people died
  • Pulls where cooldowns were required but not available, in order to identify where else they should be spent or what could be done to have them up
  • Individual elements of play that may not be up to standard
  • Rotational, micro (in-pull), or macro (pathing/routing) issues

This guide will walk you through common problems, pitfalls, and places to improve your gameplay as a Holy Priest in order to maintain a competitive edge in Shadowlands. Many of the topics covered are based on the Holy Priest rotations, so make sure you familiarize yourself with that information to get the most out of this guide.