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Battle for Azeroth Holy Priest Guide - Raid & Battle for Dazar'alor Guide

Guide provided by Wowhead
Guide provided by Wowhead

Raid & Battle for Dazar'alor Guide

Holy Raid Strengths and How To Maximize Them

The raiding Holy Priest is in many ways one of the most fluid healers in the game at the moment. With the powerful capability to sustain high healing throughput in both a heavy aoe environment as well as a more focused and spot healing environment all without having to make large changes to playstyle or talents. This occurs as Holy has some set priorities like Prayer of Mending and Holy Word usage near on cooldown, but from there they have softer rules around what to do in between those cooldowns.

The ability for Holy to consistently pace their healing throughput with Heal when there is little healing needed, Flash and Prayer of Healing when there is a need for more single target or aoe healing respectively and Binding Heal for the areas that exist between those extremes. With Heal you have a strong tool to consistently bring your Holy Word: Serenity back off cooldown, provide solid tank healing, and to allow you to play more efficiently with your mana. The spec already has a strong capacity to stretch mana over a long encounter so long as they are not too aggressive with Flash or Prayer, so having a resource to get Holy Words off cooldown for a very low cost is ideal.

Holy also has powerful tools in Symbol of Hope which many fights later in Battle for Dazar'alor will allow you to get two uses out of, a weak usage early in a fight and a more powerful one near the very end of an encounter in an ideal scenario. The more that you can work with your healers so they know when to expect the mana regen to kick in so they can pace themselves accordingly, the more impactful Symbol of Hope will be for the raid group. Holy Word: Salvation and Divine Hymn make for two powerful raid cooldowns available to you to deal with heavy damage on the group, the greatest challenge will just be adequately getting both on cooldown in a short manner. Be sure to work with your raid leader or healing officer to optimize the timing of Holy Word: Salvation to help ensure two casts on most fights. An encounter like Taloc which has limited aoe damage that is often well covered by existing raid cooldowns might highlight a good encounter to use Light of the Naaru, but moving onto MOTHER you will definitely look to use Holy Word: Salvation rapidly so you can guarantee a second cast as the party enters the last room.

Holy Raid Weaknesses and How To Prepare for Them

It is always key to identify weaknesses or areas that the spec is not quite as strong at as other healers, to best know how to work around them and limit their impact. Mobility, for example, is a key weakness for Holy but can be played around by properly preparing yourself for the raid encounters and gaining strong familiarity with boss fights before you enter the instance.

To prepare yourself for new encounters in Dazar'alor, it is recommended that you go through the dungeon journal or check out the Battle for Dazar'alor guide on the site to identify the consistent large bursts of damage and void zones that will go out on each fight. After you've outlined some specific boss abilities, start looking at the timing of each ability. This can be done by watching a video, or if you are already in the raid you can use a combat timer like the one which is built into the Exorsus Raid Tools addon. Not only is timing important for being able to precast Prayer of Healing if need be, or preparing your Holy Word: Sanctify for a big hit but also to take optimize your mobility. When using your filler in Heal, watching for when the next mechanics will go out will serve you well and push you to steadily start moving away from void zone areas or preparing you to stack with the party.

Good Azerite Traits for Raids

Key T1 traits to target for Holy Priest in a raiding environment:

  • Word of Mending — High priority trait to have at least one of, value diminishes when stacked as cooldown reduction effect does not stack.
  • Archive of the Titans — Offers a stacking Intellect buff and enables the Reorigination Array effect. So far this looks to be a soft nerf to the instance, increasing over time, and likely will be a trait to pursue this effect later in progression.
  • Laser Matrix — A less steady and predictable Uldir Azerite trait but also enables Reorigination Array. Depending on the stacking power of this extra effect it can be key to ensure you have one of either Archive of the Titans or this trait on your gear.

Gear Recommendations

Note: For the Dazar'alor raid items selections below, this list is meant to put some suggestions of pieces to pursue assuming highest item level is often the priority in non-azerite, int-based slots like Gloves or Belt. Having this entire set be your best pieces is unlikely to be achievable and will likely focus too much on just one stat. Usually mid-high 20s is sufficient for haste value so Crit/Mastery can then be pursued in other slots in lieu of stacking just haste.

Battle for Dazar'alor Boss Tips & Tricks

Discipline Priest Talent Recommendations for Champion of the Light
Discipline Priest Talent Recommendations for Grong
  • This encounter focuses primarily on healers observing the boss' energy bar and preparing for his Tantrums at a time that the raid coordinates. The more specific the time that a Tantrum will be triggered the easier you will have in preparing for the damage.
  • Be sure to switch targets to help the raid quickly kill the Apetagonizer 3000 that spawn near the boss. The faster they are eliminated, the more consistent your raid will be able to trigger Tantrum at the time of their choosing.
  • Rotate through externals on the tank when they are seized by the Bestial Throw.
Discipline Priest Talent Recommendations for Jadefire Masters
  • Work with your healing team to quickly prioritize dispelling the Rising Flames debuff to avoid heavy raid damage from the Burnout. This can be Mass Dispel but the debuff will come out frequently enough that one priest will not be able to clear all of them consistently.
  • During the Fire in the Mist phase, Living Bomb adds will spawn and chain cast Explosion on the raid. These adds are obscured by clouds that cause Line of Sight, so if the raid is focusing down one target quickly move into the field with the rest of the raid and prepare raid cooldowns. Move far ahead of the beam to be able to fully channel your Hymn in time.
  • Leap of Faith can be used to bring a falling player safely back down to earth after clearing a Magma Trap. If you have rogues or hunters using immunities, Leap of Faith can also be used to quickly move those players over traps while they immunities are still up to help them clear traps more rapidly.
Discipline Priest Talent Recommendations for Opulence
  • Hold off on healing when Pulse-quickening Toxin is ticking players down, allowing them to receive the Quickening Pulse buff then quickly top players off.
  • Dispel Hex of Lethargy as rapidly as possible.
  • Healers can choose between the Amethyst of the Shadow King or the Tailwind Sapphire buffs. The haste buff from the former can help increase your damage but work with the raid to decide what the greatest benefit to the team will be.
  • Make sure to prioritize healing players with the Thief's Bane buff to avoid their demise when the debuff expires. Be sure to stack with those players to also receive the increased mana regen from Dark Knowledge.
  • When fighting the boss itself, stack and use cooldowns for Wail of Greed.
Discipline Priest Talent Recommendations for Conclave of the Chosen
  • On Heroic and above, whenever a Loa Aspect dies they will emit a Cry of the Fallen dealing substantial ticking damage to the group. Always have a cooldown ready as each aspect dies.
  • This fight is very much focused on multiple bursts of high damage. Pa'ku's Wrath occurs around every 70 seconds space out your mana so you can properly be more aggressive during these bursts.
  • Dispel Mind Wipe as rapidly as possible
  • Watch players with Kimbul's Wrath's debuff on them first as they will be taking constant bleed damage for the rest of the fight and will require greater spothealing.
  • Use Shining Force to knock back Ravenous Stalker adds, preferably into the aspect that the group is killing to allow greater cleave damage on it to quickly kill them.
Discipline Priest Talent Recommendations for King Rastahkhan
  • Mechanics to watch for are primarily the Scorching Detonation that goes out frequently from Rastahkhan. The raid will want to stay spread for much of the fight due to the Plague of Fire that can go out, so make sure you have a strong central location to be in range of most all players.
  • Bwonsamdi will periodically cast Caress of Death onto players, preventing them from receiving healing for the duration, work to quickly top off players that drop too low during their duration.
  • When in the Death Realm with Bwonsamdi, players will receive increasing stacks of Aura of Death. These can be cleared by moving into the realm of the living through a Death Rift while also triggering a Withering Burst in the process. Ready cooldowns and be prepared to deal with the successive bursts of damage onto the group.
Discipline Priest Talent Recommendations for High Tinker Mekkatorque
  • Raid damage is fairly low on Heroic in the first phase as all Gigavolt Blast should be brought behind pillars in the room to reduce aoe damage.
  • Watch for the boss' Crash Down ability and use cooldowns accordingly, this will get increasingly lethal in the final phase with the Hyperdrive buff that the boss gets.
  • Mythic features a Gigavolt Radiation Zone making it more difficult for the Gigavolt Blast to be placed behind pillars and possibly forcing the raid to have to take damage from the blasts.
Discipline Priest Talent Recommendations for Stormwall Blockade
  • Watch for the Tempting Siren's Tempting Song and be ready to Leap of Faith any player that is going to jump off the boat if the damage is not high enough.
  • Prepare heavy healing for Katherine's Ire of the Deep as it can leave players vulnerable to any other mechanics from her on her ship.
  • Much of the fight will involve heavy dodging on the ship with many avoidable mechanics that can be lethal.
  • After both Sea Priest's are killed, you will teleport to the boss at the dock's and begin Phase 2.
    Laminara's Sea Swell will deal heavy damage onto the raid and should be well prepared for each time.
  • The Mythic encounter was unavailable for testing and this section will be updated with more information when available.
Discipline Priest Talent Recommendations for Lady Jaina Proudmoore
  • Through PTR testing this boss had minimal party-wide damage effects and overall dealt low damage to the group outside of avoidable void zones.
  • It is imperative to rapidly dispel players effected by Grasp of Frost.
  • More updates will be added when the encounter hits live servers.

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