Best Conduits for Holy Priests in Shadowlands

Best Potency Conduits for Holy Priests

Holy-Specific Conduits

ConduitDescriptionRaid verdictMythic+ Verdict
Focused MendingIncreases the healing Prayer of Mending by a sizable amount.Good HPS gainGood HPS gain
Holy OrationReduces your Holy words by a greater amount.Good HPS gainGood HPS gain
Lasting SpiritIncreases duration and healing bonus of Guardian Spirit. Value is sizably increased in 5 mans if your tank is more self-heal focused (DH/Blood etc)NicheExcellent
Resonant WordsIncreases the healing of your next Flash Heal or Healby a sizeable amount after casting any Holy Word, including Holy Word: Chastise.Great HPS gainGreat HPS gain

Covenant-Specific Potency Conduits

Covenant Conduits are generally decent but not high priority compared to the base Holy options.

CovenantConduitDescriptionRaid verdictMythic+ Verdict
KyrianCourageous AscensionIncreases the damage of your Boon of the Ascended.Minor HPS/DPS gainMinor HPS/DPS gain
NecrolordFestering TransfusionIncreases Unholy Nova duration and damage.Minor HPS/DPS gainMinor HPS/DPS gain
Night FaeFae FermataYour Fae Guardians leave behind a copy of your fairies for 60% effectiveness when you move them.Minor gain Minor gain
VenthyrShattered PerceptionsIncreases the damage and duration of MindgamesMinor HPS/DPS gainMinor HPS/DPS gain

Best Raiding and M+ Potency Conduits for Holy Priest

Holy Priest has good value across their conduits and often will get strong value out of many of them. Focused Mending and Holy Oration require minimal extra work from the healer to produce results. Raids always place high importance on Prayer of Mending, Holy Word: Serenity and Holy Word: Sanctify so that should come as no surprise. In dungeons, Prayer of Mending gains a lot more value in Shadowlands now that there is more regular group-wide damage present.

Resonant Words is your top option to increase the value of your next Heal especially with the high acceleration of Holy Words in dungeons and raids thanks to Apotheosis and the Flash Concentration legendary. Whether you have a tank with high self-healing or not Lasting Spirit is a must-have conduit in dungeons with how hard tanks get hit these days.

Best Endurance Conduits for Holy Priest

ConduitDescriptionRaid verdictMythic+ Verdict
Charitable SoulCasts a small shield on yourself when you Shield an ally. Due to how nerfed Power Word: Shield has been, these shields aren't much.WeakWeak
Condensed Anima SphereNew conduit in 9.1, moderate defensive value. Decent HPS gainDecent HPS gain
Light's InspirationProvides a HoT effect after casting the Desperate Prayer defensive.Minor HPS gainMinor HPS gain
Translucent ImageCauses your Fade to provide damage reduction on demand. Priests' defense is limited, so having any damage reduction is helpful.

Endurance conduits are much better and more universal than Finesse. Between raids and Mythic+, you'll often want to run the same conduits.

Best Finesse Conduits for Holy Priest

ConduitDescriptionRaid verdictMythic+ Verdict
Clear MindSituational use on encounters with frequent dispels.NicheDungeon specific
Mental RecoveryThere's plenty of other slows in the game. This is either for PvP or World quests
Power Unto OthersGrants slight cooldown reduction to Power Infusion when you utilize it on an ally. Okay for Mythic+
Move with GraceNow reduces the cooldown on Leap of Faith. Rarely do you ever need to use grip on cooldown.

Most of the finesse conduits are very niche or situational in their uses. Often you'll be best off grabbing double Endurance conduits to improve your survivability.

General Endurance/Finesse Priority