Holy Priest Sanctum of Domination Guide

Sanctum of Domination is the second raid of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, where we confront Sylvanas Windrunner and the Jailer forces to stop the Jailer's master plan to escape The Maw.

In this guide, you will learn how to optimize your Holy Priest in the Sanctum of Domination Raid by highlighting the best talents, best soulbinds, and best legendaries, along with encounter specific tips and tricks to help you succeed against each raid boss.

Holy Priest Sanctum of Domination Talents

This build is set to maximize the value of the Flash Concentration legendary in a raiding environment.

Holy Priest Sanctum of Domination Covenant Choice

Holy in Shadowlands is often focused on utilizing many short cooldowns to reduce the cooldowns of their Holy Word: Serenity and Holy Word: Sanctify, and provides two strong raid cooldowns in Divine Hymn and Holy Word: Salvation. Many of the Covenants offer some side-damage resources that don't mean as much to Holy Priest, given that there is no damage/healing interaction like Discipline has.

With 9.1, covenants are fairly well balanced but Night Fae offers excellent mobility and utility increases that other covenants do not.

The Fae Guardians ability operates with 2 Fairies that can be cast on allies or yourself and another that automatically jumps to enemies to return mana to you. This covenant has received some strong buffs in 9.0.5 to double the damage reduction benefit of the Guardian Fairy, improve the quality of life of the Wrathful Fairy and to tease us with buffs to the benevolent Fairy that they then reverted, leaving it unchanged. The damage reduction given is valuable for further tank support, generally a weak spot for Holy Priest, the cooldown reduction is more valuable now that Divine Hymn provides a greater healing bonus to the raid after a full channel and the mana return of the Wrathful Fairies is increased through the automatic jump to an enemy, saving you a global to apply it.

Holy Priest Sanctum of Domination Legendaries

In Sanctum of Domination, there is one primary legendary.

Flash Concentration

Strong synergy between this legendary, Trail of Light, and Resonant Words. Requires consistent uptime of the buff in order to make the most of it but can produce extremely efficient single-target support. On more movement-intensive encounters like Remnant of Ner'zhul this can be challenging to maintain the buff when also juggling your multiple other low-cooldown abilities while avoiding mechanics. Lean on Surge of Light to bank extra Flash Heals to maintain the buff even when on the move.

Holy Priest Sanctum of Domination Boss Tips

Holy Priest Top Builds for The Tarragrue

Holy Priest Tips

  • This fight mostly consists of using anima powers granted by the trash mobs around the boss. Some powers can remove the otherwise permanent debuffs on the encounter, those should always be the focus for the healer to pick up.
  • Rotate Mass Dispels to clear Predator's Howl from players to avoid players getting feared, be ready to move out swifty from other players so you are not affected.
  • Grasp of Death will generally produce the largest overall damage for the raid, the buff is almost constantly up will be most challenging to heal through when Torments are unleashed. These timers are every 30 seconds, starting at 1 minute into the encounter.
  • Hide behind a mage's Ice Block to avoid lethal damage from Annihilating Smash. This attack follows Chains of Eternity.
  • At 10% health The Jailer's Gaze activates. Prepare for the boss to be kited, try to remain central while dealing damage. Coordinate with your tank for an ideal time to Leap of Faith them to safety. Place down Angelic Feathers as needed to help tanks kite.
Holy Priest Top Builds for The Eye of the Jailer

Holy Priest Tips

  • Keep away from other players who have the opposite debuff as you in the intermission, Scorn or Ire. One trick we used on PTR was to have every ranged player pick on side to go on with even splits of melee players. This would cause the range to all have the same debuff and allow them to cleave both adds while ranged healers could heal the entire raid. You could also have two very separate groups and have separate stack locations after the intermission ends.
  • Positioning away from the beam is important when Annihilating Glare activates. The beam is larger than it appears and is best to just run to the grappels to avoid.
  • Scorn or Ire coupled with the Titanic Death Gaze makes up the majority of the damage before the final phase. This combination of stacking debuffs and raid wide AoE happens around every 1.5mins, from testing the intermission phased at around 1 minute and the Death Gaze hit around 15-20 seconds after the intermission.
  • In the last stage, Immediate Extermination causes this fight to get much harder and reduces healing but not absorbs. Divine Hymn / Holy Word: Salvation should be used early in this phase while they still yield good value, followed by Symbol of Hope near the end where only damage reduction or absorbs will have value.
Holy Priest Top Builds for The Nine

Holy Priest Tips

  • Resentment deals heavy and steady damage once Skyja spawns. Combined with Repeating Slash or Arthura's Crushing Gaze creates nasty overlaps that require heavy healing.
  • Arthura's Crushing Gaze is cast infrequently but still deals significant burst damage, 26 seconds is around when the first burst is unleashed then the Word of Recall takes effect and copies the damage to happen a second time. The next bursts are at 3mins, then 15 seconds later, then 4:20 and another 15 seconds later with the next recall at 4:35 and finally another at 6:39 (from testing).
  • The damage on this encounter is fairly steady and is often very attrition based, pace your mana, look to get double uses out of Symbol of Hope for good defensive value.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Remnant of Ner'zhul

Holy Priest Tips

  • Managing knockback from Malevolence is a big part of this fight. Priest have minimal tools to avoid getting knocked off the platform by bad positioning so the goblin racial can be extremely powerful.
  • When orbs are hit by Suffering they become vulnerable. Watch the frontal yourself as getting hit will make you take tremendous extra damage.
  • Aura of Spite is ever present throughout the encounter, watch for Malevolence bursts that happen in quick succession. Timers for the Malevolence damage are approximately 30-45 seconds apart and deal the most when dispelled.
  • At 80, 60 and 30% health the boss will Shatter their armor dealing heavy damage to the raid, watch for these timers and for how they align with Malevolence for optimal cooldown usage. On testing this was 30 seconds into the fight, 2mins, then not until 4 mins did the next shatter go out with a significant gap before the next Malevolence, perhaps because we pushed it before he could cast it.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Soulrender Dormazain

Holy Priest Tips

  • Torment will require large movements to avoid the waves. Standing near Garrosh's side of the room is advised.
  • Brand of Torment should be used to increase damage taken by Mawsworn. If you get this debuff, try to put the Mawsworn in the circle with you.
  • Unleashed Tyranny is the highest damage and number one priority on the encounter. Chains go out and can be broken around 0:50 seconds into the fight, then 3:30, 4:31 and finally 6:30 from testing.
  • Shining Force should be used to push the Mawsworn into a pile.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Painsmith Raznal

Holy Priest Tips

  • Goblin racial can be used to jump off the platform and back on to dodge Spiked Balls or Spike Walls.
  • Flameclasp Trap deal very heavy damage to the raid as do the recently buffed Echoes of Pain.
  • Traps go out at 0:45, 3minutes, 3:50 from testing.
  • When soaking multiple traps, pay particular attention to players with chains as they will not be stacked to take advantage of damage reduction like Power Word: Barrier that the raid might be in focus them with heavy Heal casts.
  • During intermissions stay away from clumps of other players. I often worked to sit in the middle/back of the room and wait for the spikes to come to me so I had more flexibility to go forward or backwards to dodge flames. Often if I saw a clear lane I'd work to run forward out of flames and then I'd back track and run backwards to stay in the back of the room and let the next spike row come to me.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Guardian of the First Ones

Holy Priest Tips

  • This fight is very straightforward, but incorrectly placing a Threat Neutralization will likely lead to a wipe. Always drop your circle on the Energy Cores.
  • The boss begins mass aoe with Purging Protocol when out of energy, each burst makes the raid take more than the previous hit with a 5 second cast time. These timings are about 1.5mins between each other. Once the boss is dragged into the conduit he will begin recharging and deal steady damage to the raid, followed by a conduit meltdown which deal significant damage to the party and needs to be run away from Meltdown.
  • With this heavy burst damage, Holy does an excellent job of topping off health pools, the cooldown reduction of Fae Guardians to Divine Hymn is very noticeable here. Cover the purge protocols when possible and use Divine Hymn early in the cooldown order to benefit the raid with the 20% healing bonus which is great for Purge protocol or for meltdowns or just general AoE damage.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Fatescribe Roh-Kalo

Holy Priest Tips

  • Invoke Destiny deals significant damage around every 40 seconds starting at 0:28. After each intermission he will begin using this ability again after around 15 seconds.
  • If against the wall during the Rune moving face make sure you're firmly away from the runes to dodge the smoke clouds traversing the outer ring which deal heavy damage.
  • Go far with Call of Eternity so your orb doesn't cause issues later during Fated Conjunction.
  • If affected with Runic Affinity, popular weakauras list 5 players as marked to a spot and another 5 are on the "backup" list. Even if you are on the backup list, run immediately into the middle of the room to provide spot healing or to help an ally move their rune, wipes primarily happen when the backup squad is on the sidelines and not in position to help.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Kel'Thuzad

Holy Priest Tips

  • Keep Oblivion's Echo away from the raid.
  • Managing stacks from breaking Glacial Spike is an important part of this fight. These spikes will increase in quantity to break over time and will become even more punishing as the fight goes on.
  • For Frozen Destruction damage, look to pop 2 or 3 spikes together with raid cooldowns, then continue to pop others as health allows.
  • Spikes come out around 25 seconds into the encounter and if you push KT (or "kill" him in P1 then he won't cast again until around 3 minutes.
  • This fight is all about burst, be ready to move into the middle of the room when the blizzard comes out so you can quickly plant your feet to start healing.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Sylvanas Windrunner

Holy Priest Tips

  • In Phase 1, there is significant importance in dropping debuffs and rationing Angelic Feather uses when needed. Keep in mind that the closest player to the Domination Arrows will be selected and have their debuff removed. This is of particular importance in the intermission as you NEED to have your arrow killed off rapidly so you can spot heal and assist other players. Look to be in the middle of the room at the start of the intermission to get a domination arrow very close to other players.
  • Phase 2, always Fade as you move into any of the packs of enemies. When running across the bridge always jump from the last bit of the bridge onto the chain, many times players can die just by falling through an uneven lip of the floor.
  • For Sylvanas burn phases, those are generally good times to cast Divine Hymn.
  • Add phases, Souljudges afflict allies with a dispellable debuff. Dispell this at 4-5 stacks, they will jump to another target until you kill the souljudge.
  • Generally P2 will be heavy on tank healing as well as watching debuffed targets, those are often your top priority and finding a safe place to plant your feet to heal.
  • P3 is the fight. When you get in, rebuild Flash Conc uptime and prepare for the first Banshee Bane this is unavoidable aoe that will wipe the raid if anyone is holding a debuff. The raid-wiping damage will occur at the end of her cast if anyone is holding a debuff so make sure that they're dispelled before it completes.
  • Banshee's Wail and Veil of Darkness will require you to be spread, the Veil is a healing absorb debuff that must be healed through and will spread out between multiple targets. Stay near melee to soak up aoe healing and to make sure the debuffs can be healed off more easily.
  • From there, if you need to run out wailing arrow be aware that you have time to move from one platform to the next while Wail is being cast on you, so wait your turn and don't run out early.
  • Dispell all debuffs before leaving your platform when Raze is about to destroy, leave all poo on the platform she's nuking.

Holy Priest Raid Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strong sustained healing throughput.
  • Provides significant bonus mana and defensive cooldown reduction to the healing team through Symbol of Hope.
  • Two powerful raid cooldowns in Divine Hymn which also buffs healing done to targets affected by up to 20% and Holy Word: Salvation.
  • Flexible healing abilities, can assist in raid or spot healing at will.
  • Easy to learn and well-suited to fit into any raid team.
  • Little talent variety.
  • Mediocre mobility and defensives.
  • Low passive damage and overall damage.

Notable Sanctum of Domination Gear

In Shadowlands, all of the highest item level gear drops from Raids. Because of this, all of the gear is notable in that it has more stats than other gear.

Sanctum of Domination includes several pieces of gear with special effects that may influence your gearing or gameplay, as discussed below. Make sure to visit the Holy Priest Gear Guide for the full list of recommended gear.



  • Resonant Silver Bell is a high ilvl intellect trinket with a solid heal proc when healing a low health target.
  • Shadowed Orb of Torment is an on-use trinket that deals damage to the player and grants a large Mastery buff that scales with duration. Since it causes you to stop casting while channeling, this item might be useful depending on how much downtime the fight provides.
  • Titanic Ocular Gland is a stat stick that grants a large amount of mastery/crit while above 50% health, but removes the stat while below 50%.

Best Raid Shards of Domination Build for Holy Priest

For Holy Priests, we're mostly focused on a Shard of Domination Build that enhances our healing throughput. As such, we'll look to maintain the Unholy Rune Word 3-set bonus Chaos Bane and fill with strong Frost Shards.

Gnarled Staff of the Elder ShamanStaffRemnant of Ner'zul
Maledict OpusStaffKel'Thuzad
Torch of Eternal KnowledgeMain HandGuardian of the First Ones
Signe's Sonorous ScramaseaxMain HandThe Nine
Guarm's Lost Chew ToyOff-HandEye of the Jailer
Record of Collapsing RealitiesOff-HandFatescribe Roh-Kalo
Shard of DominationTypeNotes
Shard of ZedUnholyThe strongest of our Unholy Shards. Provides healing and damage via a health drain effect applied via our healing spells.
Shard of DyzUnholyProvides a stacking damage that should easily be maintained by our DoTs. Only provides damage not healing.
Shard of OthUnholyWeakest of our Unholy Shards. Provides a bit of mobility via speed, but fairly weak for a Holy Priest.
Shard of TelFrostAllows us to apply short duration absorbs to other players. Because our HoT crits can proc this, we can reliably apply these absorbs as close to the 1s ICD.
Shard of KyrFrostDecent self-survivability if an encounter entails minimal movement. Consider picking up Shard of Rev otherwise for flat leech.

Best Shards of Domination to Upgrade for Holy Priest

Best Raid Shards of Domination to Upgrade for Holy Priest

Since the higher ranks require additional Stygian Ember, we'll likely want to keep our throughput-oriented Shards at similar ranks until fully upgraded before upgrading our more utility-based Shards. This allows us to be as efficient as possible with Stygian Ember while maximizing our power gain. This resulting in the following order:

  1. Shard of Tel, Shard of Zed, and Shard of Kyr all upgraded at the same time at similar ranks. Fully Upgrade all 3 before moving onto the 4th Shard of Domination.
  2. Shard of Zed
  3. Shard of Oth

For more information on Shards of Domination, check out our Shards of Domination Holy Priest page: