Holy Priest Sepulcher of the First Ones Guide

Sepulcher of the First Ones is the final raid of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, where we confront Zovaal, the Jailer and his forces one last time to save reality from his plans.

In this guide, you will learn how to optimize your Holy Priest in the Sepulcher of the First Ones Raid by highlighting the best talents, tier set bonuses, best soulbinds, and best legendaries, along with encounter specific tips and tricks to help you succeed against each raid boss.

Holy Priest Sepulcher of the First Ones Talents

Holy Priest Sepulcher of the First Ones Covenant Choice

The Fae Guardians ability operates with 2 Fairies that can be cast on allies or yourself and another that automatically jumps to enemies to return mana to you. This covenant has received some strong buffs in 9.0.5 to double the damage reduction benefit of the Guardian Fairy, improve the quality of life of the Wrathful Fairy and to tease us with buffs to the benevolent Fairy that they then reverted, leaving it unchanged. The damage reduction given is valuable for further tank support, generally a weak spot for Holy Priest, the cooldown reduction is more valuable now that Divine Hymn provides a greater healing bonus to the raid after a full channel and the mana return of the Wrathful Fairies is increased through the automatic jump to an enemy, saving you a global to apply it.

When it comes to double legendaries, very little changes. The Fae legendary will be added into the mix and you'll receive an additional 20 seconds of cooldown reduction towards Divine Hymn allowing for more frequent uses of the cooldown.

The best Covenant for Holy Priest in Raid is Night Fae in Patch 9.2. with and without double legendaries and tier sets.

Holy Priest Sepulcher of the First Ones Legendaries

Best Single Legendaries for Holy Priests

Very powerful with a decent maintenance requirement. Heal's throughput bonus makes the spell quite efficient in stabilizing your tank and other party or raid members in all content. Maintaining the stacks of the buff in dungeons can be a challenge and you are less mobile but it provides very efficient single target which comes in particular handy on higher level dungeons as well due to the mana efficiency that you receive, allowing you to sustain throughput for a long period of time.

In raids, this legendary works well and with the 9.0.5 buffs to duration it is substantially easier to maintain and get high value from. There are so many short cooldowns that you cycle through regularly so maintaining uptime is very important. Once you do however, you're well set positioned to provide top level spot healing to the raid.

There is tremendous synergy between this legendary and Resonant Words and Trail of Light and now your tier set bonus.

Best Double Legendaries

Eternity's End allows players to wear two legendary items, instead of one, with a restriction. One of the two legendaries must be your covenant legendary, making covenant choice now also impacted directly by the strength of Covenant Legendaries. Double Legendaries become available during week 5, after completing its story chapter.

Little changes when adding the Fae covenant legendary to the mix. It simply copies the cooldown reduction benefit when you cast Fae Guardians and you have the option to change that Death Mask to amplify your mana return or damage reduction if you so choose, but in most cases you'll want that cd reduction for Divine Hymn.

Tier Set Bonus for Holy Priest

Shadowlands Season 3 marks the return of tier sets. This time around, tier sets are available not only for raiders, but also available from Mythic+ and PvP as well. Holy's set bonuses drill down on what the spec is already good at, pumping out lots of Holy Words, particularly Holy Word: Serenity's since we are very single target focused in our healing. The 4-set is particularly nice as you can leverage that buff to increase the healing OR damage of your next Holy-Word-affecting spell, which means you can increase your damage with Smite casts after Holy Words.

The set is composed of five pieces of gear:

To unlock the tier set bonus, you'll need to equip 4 pieces of the tier set. Holy Priest prefer equipping tier pieces on Helm, Shoulder, Chest, and Legs. However, you can use any 4 combination of the five pieces, aiming to achieve the highest overall item level while still maintaining the tier set bonus as well as your maximum number of legendaries.

For more information on Tier Set bonuses for Holy Priests, check out our Tier Set Bonus Holy Priest page:

Holy Priest Sepulcher of the First Ones Boss Tips

Holy Priest Top Builds for Vigilant Guardian

Holy Priest Tips

  • This fight mostly consists of AoEing various automa. Automa are Powered Down until restored to full power by the death of nearby automa.
  • Use Fade for big damage events like Exposed Core or Spike of Creation explosions, you'll use it almost on cooldown.
  • Exposed Core goes out around 1:30 on the encounter, this core forces all players to stack in the defensive field from the automa and will repeat between 1.5 - 2mins keep an eye on the energy bar of the Guardian itself for when the next core will go off. 1:32, 3:19, and 5:04 were the timers when exposed core began for our kill, so prepare cooldowns accordingly. The Core Overload began around 8:10 so you can cast Divine Hymn at the start of the first third core, and then have your hymn used on cooldown and have it for the end of the fight with the overload.
  • Fight damage happens almost immediately with Spike of Creation explosions about every 30 secondso on Mythic and Exposed Core at around 2 mins and again at 3:45 and so on. I believe you'll get great value from Divine Hymn and cd reduction on this fight with another Core at 5:15 and then your final push with enrage will be near 7 minutes to end the fight.
  • Avoid Deresolution.
  • At 40% health the boss transforms into its battle mode.
  • At 15% health the boss activates self-destruct sequence, Try to also enter this last stretch with defensive cooldowns available and Symbol of Hope to reset them.
  • Look to have Divine Hymn and Holy Word: Salvation back off cooldown for Core Overload to heal thru the damage the raid takes at the end of the fight.
  • For Mythic there are minimal changes for how Holy operates on this boss. Be ready to dodge a lot more mechanics, cycle raid cooldowns early for mine detonations, use Symbol of Hope frequently as this encounter can last awhile.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Skolex

Holy Priest Tips

  • Ephemera Dust is the highest damage of this encounter and it continues to stack in damage until your raid collapses together to phase the boss.
  • My guild cleared at about 1min intervals at 4 stacks of dust. With this you can alternate Divine Hymn and Holy Word: Salvation to cover the raid wide damage.
  • Dust Flail occurs around every 15 seconds increasing your stacks on the raid. As a Holy Priest you'll want to spend particular attention to spot healing tanks and allies with high stacks during these periods as ranged allies will receive additional stacks over the fight.
  • Riftmaw occurs around every 30 seconds, forcing the raid to dodge his frontal attack.
  • For Mythic: Little changes on this encounter once again though you will need to be more attentive to players with high stacks of dust at ranged. Finding the sweet spot where you can reach tanks, who will also take a beating, and the ranged without being too close to melee to have to dodge puddles is key. Once stacks are cleared this is an ideal time to add damage as this boss does have a hard enrage.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Dausegne

Holy Priest Tips

  • Inevitable Dominion begins around 1:15 into the encounter and two minutes after that. Work to have Holy Word: Salvation back by the end of the encounter so an early use would likely be helpful on Mythic, but on heroic you may just want to save this for the final wave of Halos where you must pass through 4 of them back to back to back to back.
  • Disintegration Halo deals moderate damage about every 1:30 to 1:40, look to pass through quickly so you can plant your feet and rapidly heal your allies.
  • Some strong uses for Divine Hymn can be during Halo affects where you can Soulshape past the halos to reduce your own damage taken and plant your feet and begin channeling. If your guild's dps is not high you will likely have to fight through the final 4 halos and being able to blink through and begin healing earlier would be ideal. Using Hymn for 2nd and 4th Halos and using Holy Word: Salvation when needed, maybe even on the final halos as well since all healers will be running/moving/fighting for their lives can be good.
  • Being aggressive about passing thru these halo zones are very important on mythic where you can not be standing near other players while you pass through and near the end of the encounter where you're running through halos as soon as your debuff falls.
  • For Mythic: This is where Soulshape really shines as you can utilize the multiple blinks to completely bypass certain Halos. The problem however is that you will not be able to heal while in Soulshape so this can be an ideal time to cast Guardian Spirit and to potentially use the Guardian Angel talent to ensure you can give the tanks multiple externals to assist them while you dodge. Otherwise, for Halos that you do NOT dodge. Try to start right on top of their inception point so that you can be planted and casting while other players are clearing. Podtender with Dreamweaver is insanely good for this fight, if you tick down to Halo damage and go into Pod form, the other halos will not kill you as they pass over you, making it an ideal "immunity" near the end of the encounter.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Artificer Xy'mox

Holy Priest Tips

  • Glyph of Relocation is cast erratically throughout the fight between 1 and 2min timers, dragging in players right before a Hyperlight Sparknova strikes the raid. During the intermission phase, adds will spawn and raid damage will go out in abundance, ideal time for a Divine Hymn cast as there is minimal movement required but beware of mob frontals. Use Fade here to avoid aggro if tanks haven't build up sufficient threat.
  • Similar to Nathria you'll be using portals, but this time to dodge Forerunner Rings that will one shot you if hit. You can Soulshape through these portals safely.
  • The end of the encounter is almost non-stop movement in and out of portals to dodge halos, save your Holy Word: Salvation for the end of the encounter for ultimate safety so you can run through portals with more healing support.
  • For Mythic: various healers will rotate going across to the platforms to defeat adds. Work in damage where you can, Guardian Angel can be very helpful to stabilize your tanks if they're ever in danger while you're over there. Outside of that, patience with allowing Halos to develop before you move, strong positioning of traps away from portals, and cycling raid cooldowns for intermission healing much like on heroic is key. The very tail end of the mythic encounter is very simple about dodging halos by stepping into portals at the last possible second. I generally didn't plan a use of Soulshape on this fight and preferred to use it for emergencies if I was caught out of position baiting a trap or spreading for Sparknovas.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Prototype Pantheon

Holy Priest Tips

  • In this fight a variety of the Pantheon of Death will enter the battlefield and cycle through abilities, very similar to how The Nine encounter worked. The first major damage mechanic is Windswept Wings, you can technically Divine Hymn this mechanic but you'll need to position further at range to avoid the spears that strike the room. There's an odd sweet spot where you're at range but not getting knocked out of range by the winds. When it cycles to Sire Denathrius' Prototype he will begin stacking damage from Burden of Sin which will require heavy overall output.
  • You can use Guardian Spirit on seeds to help heal them more easily but if you're talented into Guardian Angel when the seed is healed to full it currently counts as a "death" for Guardian Spirit so you still only have it as a 3 min cooldown unfortunately :/ , if this gets fixed Holy will be even more insane for this encounter.
  • On healing cooldown setup would be to use Holy Word: Salvation very early in the fight for the Wings mechanic ~40 seconds in, then Hymn for Seed sets 1 and 3, then use Salv for the end of the encounter and have Guardian Spirit used on early seeds to start phases to rapidly top off and help the group. Make sure you have Guardian Spirit for the end of the encounter to top a seed because the damage can get very overwhelming.
  • This fight feels very similar to The Nine in that, there are a large variety of mechanics going out, but you can fairly safely spread your cooldowns and work to Divine Hymn near on cooldown. Our break periods when the pantheon shuffles happened around 2:06 and 4 minutes. So you can use one of these areas as a spot to cast Symbol of Hope.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Lihuvim

Holy Priest Tips

  • This fight has tons of damage going out just as the raid splits into two groups. The intermissions happen about every 1.5-2mins on heroic but over 2mins on mythic meaning a Night Fae Priest will get wonderful value out of Divine Hymn cooldown reduction
  • Cosmic Shift goes out about every 30 seconds so ensure you're not getting knocked into any mines and look to use Holy Word: Sanctify at these points.
  • I expect the tanks to take a major beating when they are picking up new adds so don't be afraid to preemptively Guardian Spirit one of them or build up a Holy Word: Serenity to quickly top them.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Halondrus

Holy Priest Tips

  • This fight has very large amounts of movement and you can't stand under the boss while he is rooted in place. Earthbreaker Missiles go out about every 30-40 seconds, leave space between your allies so you can congregate for healing and dodge aftershocks. Reclaim happens around every 2:40 but channeling a Divine Hymn while you're being dragged into the boss can be very dangerous.
  • You'll need to be bouncing white orbs away from the boss and dispelling players in front of these orbs to slow them down. I'd recommend using Fade on cooldown as you bounce these orbs, particularly near the end of the encounter where you might have to bounce two or three back to back. Try to use Holy Word: Salvation early in the encounter so you can have it at the end of the fight when everyone is bouncing orbs and taking massively increased damage.
  • You'll generally want to be close to melee to reach all allies but also not IN melee so you don't drastically reduce the space that they have. I'd suggest marking out a specific section with your other healers, particularly ranged healers to move around the room and areas for melee to congregate so that they are in range for Holy Word: Sanctify healing. Most of this encounter you'll large amounts of time spothealing tanks and ranged players bouncing orbs.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Anduin Wrynn

Holy Priest Tips

  • Befouled Eruption is the primary mechanic of the encounter. Healing up this barrier rapidly is a must in order to be successful. For Holy, pay particular attention to allies afflicted by Anduin's Shadow Word: Pain debuff as they cannot be dispelled and when they are in the barrier they'll take 50% reduced healing. Those players and tanks should be your top healing priority. Also try to have your Holy Word: Sanctify on hand for these barrier.
  • Stick to the outside of the room in between Barrier casts (about 45 seconds) so you can combine debuffs, one shadow connects with one holy circle. Touching other players will result in death and it is very easy to step on other players toes the closer you are to the melee pile.
  • For Wicked Star, watch the debuff timer and prepare to move out at the last moment. The further you are from the star the easier it is to dodge the silence affect and subsequent damage.
  • Holy does an excellent job of traveling downstairs to heal adds and allies. Be sure to have your mouseover macros or @focus macros to add mobs to raid frames as needed to heal.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Lords of Dread

Holy Priest Tips

  • The spawned Inchoate Shadow casts Ravenous Hunger dealing moderate raid damage until it reaches full health where it can then be killed. Give particular attention to allies debuffed with Cloud of Carrion during this period. Players should use Kintessa's purple fear debuffs to remove these debuffs before raid wide damage goes out.
  • Both bosses cast Swarm of Decay and Swarm of Darkness at the same time when Mal'ganis reaches full energy. This begins at around 0:48 into the encounter, lasting for around 20 seconds.
  • The swarm timers in our kills on heroic were 0:48, 3:20 and 5:44. Keep an eye on Mal'ganis' energy bar as that will be the best indicator and keep in mind that these swarms last a long period of time.
  • With double legendaries you can Fae Guardians yourself and have Divine Hymn available for every swarm!
  • During "Amongus" phase, you can Mind Control your allies and jump them off the edge. Not that you WOULD or anything, I'm just trying to be thorough here.
  • Keep an eye on any dispels on this encounter, the most common of which is tanks or melee getting slept. Anything that can be dispelled on this encounter should be removed immediately.
  • Otherwise, watch your feet, clear debuffs, spot heal debuffed allies and watch for the dreadlords above player's heads during Amongus phase and communicate clearly/effectively.
  • Listed are two weakauras to help with the encounter: https://wago.io/qunOnImXX and https://wago.io/dW5U0N3HP.
Holy Priest Top Builds for Rygelon

Holy Priest Tips

  • As a healer this is a very cut and dry encounter.
  • Step into Unstable Matter Field before Massive Bang. Avoid lines and avoid standing on quasars or on top of other players soaks.
  • Cycle raid cooldowns with your team during The Singularity phase as this will be the highest damage out there. Particularly be ready to use Guardian Spirit to help tanks soak and survive the core expiration.
  • Avoid standing by ledges as players clearing debuffs will knock other players. You generally should be positioned near the middle of the room at all times.
Holy Priest Top Builds for The Jailer

Holy Priest Tips

  • Number one thing on this encounter is awareness of your surroundings and where you can be knocked on this encounter. Keep in mind for Martyrdom that you don't have to stand DIRECTLY on the tank and standing on any part of the circle will work just fine. I personally like to be near the edge of the circle and make sure I have a clear idea of where I'll be knocked.
  • When jumping into holes with Rune of Damnation be sure to wait until about 1 second is left remaining before entering and bear in mind that you will be knocked opposite of where your character is facing.
  • For Desolation you can jump quickly in front of the Jailer and run out when the cast completes to help bait Defile.
  • Raid cooldowns can be used early/often in Phase 1 and 2. During P3, make sure cooldowns are utilized to quickly heal Dominating Will as it can be very easy to miss a player or two if they're out baiting defile and can result in additional deaths if you're not careful.
  • A lot of this encounter on heroic is about managing your space and movement with a massive amount of avoidable mechanics that can kill you. Be thoughtful about your movement and positioning and you'll come out alright.

Holy Priest Sepulcher of the First Ones Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Specializes in heavy single-target healing, thanks to the Flash Concentration legendary, with all direct healing abilities causing a Healing Over Time effect afterwards Mastery: Echo of Light.
  • Has flexible single target and AoE oriented healing abilities in Holy Words.
  • Raid oriented cooldowns that can restore health, reduce defensive cooldowns or mana to the group. Symbol of Hope/Divine Hymn/Holy Word: Salvation
  • Can heal through death for a short period of time with Spirit of Redemption.
  • Lacks many mobile or instant cast abilities and can be impeded on specific encounters with high movement requirements.
  • Prefers some stacked players to properly take advantage of Holy Word: Sanctify.
  • Lacks the damage reduction tools that other healers bring.

Notable Sepulcher of the First Ones Gear

In Shadowlands, all of the highest item level gear drops from Raids. Because of this, all of the gear is notable in that it has more stats than other gear.

Sepulcher of the First Ones includes tier gear with set bonuses. Make sure to visit the Holy Priest Gear Guide for the full Best in Slot list.

The set is composed of five pieces of gear:


Antumbra, Shadow of the CosmosDagger - Highest item levelRygelon
Forbidden TruthOff-Hand - Highest item levelThe Jailer
Guardstaff of the Great CycleStaffHalondrus
Pursuit of VictoryStaffPrototype of War
Obscured Fractal PrismOff-HandHalondrus


Note: Some trinkets were not given adequate time to test and some do not work properly on the PTR.

  • The Lion's Roar - Poor man's AMZ giving some damage reduction and absorb. Overall very poor trinket.
  • Elegy of the Eternals - Good Passive stat gains.
  • Auxillary Attendant Chime - Int/Healing Trinket. Decent Holy option.
  • Resonant Reservoir - Pulsing AoE damage, very good M+ trinket.
  • Scars of Fraternal Strife - This trinket was not available for PTR testing, so the information below is a guess based on datamining:
    1. Your Haste is increased. 10% of damage you take will echo again 3 sec later.
    2. Your Versatility is increased. All Healing you take is reduced by 5%.
    3. Critical Strike is increased. You are bleed every 2 sec.
    4. Mastery is increased. Your spells and abilities reduce your movement speed. Stacks.
    5. Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, and Versatility are increased. Explode when buff expires.
  • The First Sigil - Grants verse and resets/grants your covenant signature ability.

The best trinket for Holy Priest are likely to be stat/dungeon trinkets unless some major change happens to raid trinket tuning.