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Battle for Azeroth Holy Priest Guide - Talents

Guide provided by Wowhead
Guide provided by Wowhead

Talent Builds

Tier 1 (Level 15)
  • Enlightenment - A solid increase in mana regeneration and allows flexibility on what you are spending your additional mana on in comparison to Trail of Light. Default talent option for raiding at the moment.
  • Trail of Light - Trail allows for a marked increase in your split-target healing by allowing your previous target to be healed for a portion of your last cast Flash Heal. Go-to talent for dungeons.
  • Enduring Renewal - Attractive looking talent but often too maintenance heavy to see more than niche use. While this may look powerful in dungeons, it often devolves into overhealing and forces higher maintenance for any sort of solid performance.
Tier 2 (Level 30)
  • Angel's Mercy - Replicating the artifact trait effect from Legion, this talent offers solid cooldown reduction to Desperate Prayer at the cost of your mobility. Strong in low mobility encounters.
  • Perseverance - Decent damage reduction. Duration lasts as long as the Renew on your character, but unfortunately, mobility is such a necessity that this is not worth taking.
  • Angelic Feather - Consistent, allows pre-placement and priority is given to the caster, your go-to for mobility.
Tier 3 (Level 45)
  • Cosmic Ripple - Only raw HPS increase in the row, go to pick for raid if further utility is not needed.
  • Guardian Angel - Strong cooldown reduction for Guardian Spirit, go to pick for Mythic+. Requires proactive use to prevent the Spirit effect from being consumed in order to gain value.
  • Afterlife - Good talent that is outshined by raw HPS gains from Cosmic Ripple.
Tier 4 (Level 60)
  • Psychic Voice - Strong cooldown reduction to newly returned Psychic Scream. Strong for leveling, potential uses as Area of Effect interrupt in 5man content.
  • Censure - Adds extra value to Holy Word Chastise and can be powerful if your team needs more single target stuns in a dungeon.
  • Shining Force - Great displacement tool that can be cast on allies. Useful for helping tanks start kiting, dealing with the Sanguine affix or creating space for yourself when leveling.
Tier 5 (Level 75)
  • Surge of Light - Offers free Flash Heals for casting other heals, helpful in dungeon content when mobility is required.
  • Binding Heal - Split-cleave ability that is weaved into the spell priority for light-moderate damage on the group and reduces the cooldown of both major Holy Words. Recent nerfs to healing done and increases in mana cost in Patch 8.1 make this a less desirable talent.
  • Circle of Healing - Solid instant-cast aoe heal, looking to be the more efficient of options in the row for raiding.
Tier 6 (Level 90)

All talents in this row will be viable for raiding content and will be fight specific in nature.

  • Benediction - A potent, passive talent augmenting existing abilities. Strong synergy with Holy Word: Salvation in raids with the additional Prayer of Mending stacks provided by Salv offering significant Renew refreshes. Recent nerfs still make for this talent to be valuable in constant damage fights where the other options are more difficult to use.
  • Divine Star - Good, consistent heal for stacked raid fights and for many dungeons. Also great leveling talent for the extra damage it can provide, especially while moving.
  • Halo - Strong talent for more spread encounters and no longer has any range modes where you heal the target hit at the farthest difference for more, if you hit them at 5yrds away it heals for the same as the person hit 40 yards away.
Tier 7 (Level 100)
  • Light of the Naaru - Potent, flat additional cooldown reduction to Serendipity abilities. Long-term provides big cooldown reduction to our most important abilities in Holy Words. Can be taken over Holy Word: Salvation if you are unable to get multiple uses out of it, i.e. on fast encounters.
  • Apotheosis - Potent 2-minute cooldown allowing faster access to Holy Words. Must have in dungeon content. Some potential for raid usage, but the competing options are often better options.
  • Holy Word: Salvation - New talent for the expansion, offering an incredibly powerful cooldown that is reduced by Holy Word use. This 12-minute cooldown often averages around a 5-minute cooldown depending on the player's ability to cast more Holy Words. Very powerful progression raiding talent, especially when multiple uses are guaranteed. Can be less valuable if you are unable to get a 2nd cast in.

War Mode

A new change in BFA is the addition of War Mode. War Mode is a new World PvP system in Battle for Azeroth, along with the new Honor system and Honor Talents. You are now able to toggle War Mode while in Stormwind or Orgrimmar to gain access to PvP Talents in the outdoor world as well as other bonuses, like increased rewards from World quests and 10% extra experience. The downside is that you will always be in PvP combat mode, with the rewards counterbalancing that risk.

With that in mind, not all talents give the best throughput for your Holy Priest. We've selected the best options for you to use while doing outdoor content with this mode turned on. Keep in mind that these are the best options for PvE activities and may differ from those used when fighting other players.

Crowd Control Talents

From a questing/leveling perspective, Relentless looks to be your best option as it will synergize best with open world content.

Non-CC PVP Talents

For this PvE oriented guide, this will look at talents that are best suited for solo leveling or questing content. Instanced and queued PVP talents will vary. Primary recommendations will be Inner Focus and Greater Fadeas these offer the highest personal defensive and damage oriented options available. Other PVP talents will be more optimal when running with a group or when engaging in actual world or instanced PVP.

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