Kyrian Covenant for Holy Priests

Allegiance to the Kyrian Covenant for Holy Priest provides you with many benefits, two new active abilities, access to three soulbinds, and much more. In this guide, we will explore what are the perks for aligning yourself with the Kyrian, explaining their Covenant Abilities and Soulbinds and how they modify and enhance your toolkit both inside and out of combat. We will also recommend the best soulbinds for Kyrian Holy Priest and explore how they impact your rotation, gearing, and talent builds. Updated for Patch 9.2 Eternity's End and Shadowlands Season 3.

If you are looking for information on how strong the Kyrian Covenant is for Holy Priest, as well as details on which covenant is best, please visit our Best Covenant for Holy Priest guide.

Kyrian Holy Priest Covenant Abilities

Kyrian Priest Class Ability: Boon of the Ascended

Boon of the Ascended is the Kyrian Covenant Priest class ability. It features three parts:

These stacks then explode at the end of their duration for Ascended Eruption.

Courageous Ascension buffs your Blast and Eruption damage which can often be a strong pickup in dungeons in particular. This ability is excellent in a dungeon environment as it is extremely flexible whether you need to deal more damage on large trash pulls or if you need assistance fighting the seasonal affix Tormented enemies.

Kyrian Conduit for Boon of the Ascended

Courageous Ascension is the conduit for Boon of the Ascended and Kyrian. It offers a good damage increase and a moderate heal increase that will see significant play in Mythic+.

Kyrian Priest Signature Ability: Summon Steward

Summon Steward gives the Phial of Serenity which removes debuffs and is an additional heal, it can be used once per encounter. It's an excellent tool in dungeons where you are bouncing in between combat (resetting its cooldown) and frequently face certain debuffs that you cannot dispel as a Priest like Curses, Bleeds and Poisons. Margrave Stradma in the Plaguefall instance casts Infectious Rain which applies stacking diseases to everyone in the party. Using your Phial of Serenity on yourself and dispelling an ally can heavily reduce the damage on the party and make your run that much smoother. In a raid, you'll have one use per encounter, which helps reduce your own damage taken.

Kyrian Exclusive Legendary for Holy Priests

  • KyrianSpheres' Harmony: Boon of the Ascended's cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds, up to 60 sec, for each stack of Boon of the Ascended consumed by Ascended Eruption.

The cooldown reduction provided by this legendary gives a strong damage bonus but not strong enough to take as your sole legendary for Holy Priest.

Other Legendary Interactions for Kyrian Holy Priest

No other special legendary interactions for Holy Priest.

Best Kyrian Holy Priest Soulbind

Best Kyrian Holy Priest Renown 80 Soulbind

On the way to Renown 80, you'd still maintain the Pelagos Soulbind until Renown 48 where you'll have the option to flex into Mikanikos for the extra survivability. Mikanikos will be the strongest defensive option while Pelagos should still be the best output option.

The below Soulbind Calculator is valid starting at Renown 40. Conduits are socketed in order of highest priority from top to bottom in order to facilitate the greatest benefit when empowering conduit rows from renown. Please see our Holy Priest Conduit Guide for more information on Conduits including Empowered Conduits.


Kyrian Holy Priest Covenant Rotation Changes

As usual, this page only highlights the specific use case of the class and signature abilities. To see how they fit within the context of the entire spec, we encourage you to check the other pages in the guide related to the context you are looking for:

Boon of the Ascended

Using Boon of the Ascended in a raid will often revolve around positioning and quantity of enemies. In an ideal scenario, you will have a number of adds out while the raid is taking heavy damage, so Ascended Nova will get great value for healing allies and damaging enemies to generate maximum Ascended Eruption stacks. Each fight can be a bit different in your priorities. If there is a large burst but not much damage before then, you can time your Ascended Eruption and use Ascended Blast on cooldown to build stacks and supplement tank healing. Steady damage is where the Ascended Nova spam will really shine and make up for mediocre Ascended Eruption if you don't have enough adds to hit.

In dungeons, heavy casts of Ascended Nova will do substantial damage on AoE pulls. Tyrannical bosses are similar; make sure to cast Boon of the Ascended just before incoming damage so you can weave DPS in to supplement your healing. Don't be afraid to break off into Heal spam if targets are dropping too low.

Summon Steward

As stated above, there are a ton of uses for the healing and debuff removal that is offered. Study different encounters and lean on the Phial early on in progression to save yourself if you are taking too much damage from key debuffs. In dungeons, use the Phial as frequently as you can and work to dispel others first, since you can remove yours with your Covenant ability. In Halls of Atonement removing the 2nd boss' Curse of Stone or removing the Curse of Obliteration can potentially save you if you need the extra dispel.

Kyrian Holy Priest Talent Builds

Your talent build does not change at all while picking this Covenant. Boon of the Ascended requires some finesse in use in raids, but doesn't change the talents that you are utilizing.

Kyrian Holy Priest Gearing Differences

Following the trend set by previous expansions, Holy Priests still prefer raw item level upgrades while preferring haste.

As usual, substantial item level upgrades typically outweighs "better" secondary stats at lower ilvl.

Kyrian Holy Priest Soulbinds Explained

Across all classes and specs, Kyrian have access to the same three soulbinds: Pelagos, Kleia and Forgelite Prime Mikanikos. They are the NPCs with whom you complete the zone story, and they allow you to "attune" yourself to them to gain access to a tree of upgrades centered around your base toolkit (through Conduits) and Covenant abilities (through special game-wide traits).

These trees progressively unlock based on completion steps (such as finishing the campaign) and your Renown level with the Kyrian Covenant.

We've summarized the optimal traits for each soulbind below. Potency conduits have variety in the situations that are used, refer to the conduit page for various builds for various situations.

Pelagos grants you two important traits:

  • Combat Meditation provides additional Mastery after activating Boon of the Ascended. Simple, easy to use and a good stat increase.
  • With Let Go of the Past, you'll get a steady buff to magic damage reduction as long as you can maintain the buff, casting different abilities.
  • Better Together grants a passive, constant mastery bonus to you and an ally.
  • Newfound Resolve gives a random proc where you'll need to identify the location of the manifestation to get a primary stat bonus.

An example tree to follow on this soulbind is as follows:


Kleia, offers a good early soulbind as well as Pelagos.

  • Valiant Strikes, some healing, especially in a 5 man environment that is constantly stacking up to support your team.
  • At the final fork in the road you're given two options:
    • Resonant Accolades replicates some healing, or you could take the extra Potency slot.
    • Mentorship gives decent support, especially in dungeons when you'll start up fresh pulls with full health.
  • Spear of the Archon or Hope Springs Eternal can be selected.
  • Light the Path more readily guarantees a crit bonus for you and an ally.

An example tree can be seen below.


Mikanikos has received many buffs in 9.1 to improve its quality.

  • Bron's Call to Action summons Bron to heal allies and damage enemies. Buffed in 9.1 to require fewer stacks to activate.
  • Forgelite Filter is a very strong trait. The instant bounce-back this trait provides can significantly improve your survivability in a progress environment.
  • Soulsteel Clamps doesn't have much application in PvE scenarios. Hammer of Genesis will see significant play in a Mythic+ environment and replace one of your potency conduits which is totally fine.
  • Reactive Retrofitting gives a strong and constant absorb which is extremely useful to Priests with their low natural defensive power. Keep in mind that EACH damage type can trigger this, meaning you can have a shield for 8% of your max health because of magic and another 8% shield for any physical damage. Very good on encounters with a mixed damage profile.
  • Soulglow Spectrometer this analysis is a slight damage/healing bonus.
  • Effusive Anima Accelerator the capstone trait reduces the cooldown of Boon of the Ascended by 12 seconds per enemy hit, up to 60 seconds. I know, I know the tooltip says different. Click through to the ability page, then select Priest :). Strong trait in dungeons for the near 100% value you'll receive.

Both Pelagos and Mikanikos will see play for Holy in 9.1 with Hoot hoot friend taking the cake on survivability and M+ value.