Night Fae Covenant for Holy Priest

Allegiance to the Night Fae Covenant for Holy Priest provides you with many benefits, two new active abilities, access to three soulbinds, and much more. In this guide, we will explore what are the perks for aligning yourself with the Night Fae, explaining their Covenant Abilities and Soulbinds and how they modify and enhance your toolkit both inside and out of combat. We will also recommend the best soulbinds for Night Fae Holy Priest and explore how they impact your rotation, gearing, and talent builds. Updated for Patch 9.2 Eternity's End and Shadowlands Season 3.

If you are looking for information on how strong the Night Fae Covenant is for Holy Priest, as well as details on which covenant is best, please visit our Best Covenant for Holy Priest guide.

Night Fae Holy Priest Covenant Abilities

Night Fae Priest Class Ability: Fae Guardians

The chaotic Fae Guardians is the Night Fae Priest Covenant ability. It produces three faeries at once that can move to a new target depending on the spell cast. Initially they will instantly apply to an ally or enemy that you have selected. Targetting an enemy? The offensive Faerie will apply to it and the defensive and cooldown reducing faeries will apply to you. Target an ally and the offensive Faerie will not apply, while the other two will be applied on your ally. With the 9.0.5 changes if you target a friendly with Fae Guardians then the Wrathful Fairy will automatically apply to an enemy, this should be your preferred way of using the ability going forward.

Flash Heal moves the Faerie that reduces a major cooldown on the target, Power Word: Shield applies 20% damage reduction and Shadow Word: Pain applies the final Faerie that will regen mana if you are actively attacking the enemy. The cooldown reduction that Holy receives is toward Divine Hymn which can have some good value, especially if it can net you an extra cast per fight. If you are holding Divine Hymn for specific events then this cooldown reduction could be less relevant, but if it can fight in more efficiently then all the better. In that case you could reduce the cooldown of a DPS to increase their damage.

Night Fae Conduit for Fae Guardians

Fae Fermata is the covenant conduit for Fae Guardians. It creates smaller replicants of your fairies whenever you move your buff around. It has some situational value, like Power Word: Shielding the party to spread the damage reduction to the party in a 5 man for a short period. It can be very high maintenance if you're trying to maintain the buff on multiple targets at once though and generally won't see consistent play.

Night Fae Priest Signature Ability: Soulshape

The Night Fae provide the Soulshape ability. Providing a blink and movement speed increase that is fairly universal and easy to utilize. Casting while shapeshifted will end the form so you generally only get the one blink in value before you break form and get to casting again.

Night Fae Exclusive Legendary for Holy Priests

  • Night FaeBwonsamdi's Pact: Enter a pact with the Death Loa, calling forth a haunted mask that lingers on a target until Fae Guardians ends. Haunted Mask: Copies the benefit of the current faerie on its target. Follows your Direct Mask.

The cooldown reduction provided by this legendary is very interesting, especially in more casual content where you can buff your friends to massive heights. When cast it prefers cooldown reduction over damage reduction and can effectively halve most cooldowns. Though in a progress environment will prefer Flash Concentration for the excellent output increase.

Other Legendary Interactions for Night Fae Holy Priest

There is currently no special Night Fae to non-covenant Legendary interaction for Holy.

Best Night Fae Holy Priest Soulbind

Best Night Fae Holy Priest Renown 80 Soulbind

At Renown 80 Niya and Dreamweaver are both strong options but Dreamweaver has the edge as the cheat death value of Podtender and the overheal protection make for an excellent well rounded build.

The below Soulbind Calculator is valid starting at Renown 40. Conduits are socketed in order of highest priority from top to bottom in order to facilitate the greatest benefit when empowering conduit rows from renown. Please see our Holy Priest Conduit Guide for more information on Conduits including Empowered Conduits.


Night Fae Holy Priest Covenant Rotation Changes

As usual, this page only highlights the specific use case of the class and signature abilities. To see how they fit within the context of the entire spec, we encourage you to check the other pages in the guide related to the context you are looking for:

Fae Guardians

Using Fae Guardians in a raid is based on what you want to do. With the conduit Fae Fermata, you can spread around the various buffs in different ways. It can be costly but preemptively shielding to spread damage reduction can have solid impact in heavy burst mechanics, and spreading cooldown reduction can be helpful for DPS. These situations can vary and that the power of this conduit is really based on your knowledge of your allies' cooldowns and which are the most valuable to reduce. There's also the oppourtunity cost of running this conduit versus the general Holy Priest ones as Holy Oration, Focused Mending, and Resonant Words will all have uses.

In raids, you'll probably look for areas where your tanks are taking the most damage and you can still gain cooldown reduction for yourself and allies. One way to do it would be to target whichever ally you want the buff to start on, cast Fae Guardians, spread the weaker fairy through a Power Word: Shield, then a Flash Heal to spread cooldown reduction. Then, while maintaining those buffs on allies, utilize Shadow Word: Pain to maintain the mana return.


As stated above, there are a ton of uses for extra mobility: questing in the Maw, catching up to allies after you drink in Mythic+ or just being a bit greedier with your movement in a raid encounter so that you can get more casts out before you're forced to move. On Stone Legion Generals for example, the Skirimisher enemies that spawn periodically will knock players back when they reach 20% health. Often this coincides with a group soak, if you're able to set up for a ramp more effectively, then use Soulshape to get in position in time, that is an easy win.

Night Fae Holy Priest Talent Builds

Your talent build does not change at all while picking this Covenant. Generally it just requires some practice and finesse to make the most out of Fae Guardians. While it is not my recommended Covenant at the moment by a long shot, further buffs to this ability could make for some interesting synergies in the future.

Night Fae Holy Priest Gearing Differences

Following the trend set by previous expansions, Holy Priests still prefer raw item level upgrades while preferring Mastery or Critical Strike and your covenant does not impact this trend.

As usual, substantial item level upgrades typically outweighs "better" secondary stats at lower ilvl.

Night Fae Holy Priest Soulbinds

Across all classes and specs, Night Fae have access to the same three soulbinds: Niya, Dreamweaver and Korayn. They are the NPCs with whom you complete the zone story, and they allow you to "attune" yourself to them to gain access to a tree of upgrades centered around your base toolkit (through Conduits) and Covenant abilities (through special game-wide traits).

These trees progressively unlock based on completion steps (such as finishing the campaign) and your Renown level with the Night Fae Covenant.

We've summarized the optimal traits for each soulbind below. Potency conduits have variety in the situations that are used, refer to the conduit page for various builds for various situations.

Niya grants you two important traits:

  • Grove Invigoration provides additional Mastery after healing, dealing damage or activating Fae Guardians. This is a simple passive Mastery increase that you unlock early and easily.
  • Later in the tree, you receive a lot of support spells like Niya's Tools: Herbs, reinforcing Night Fae as a support heavy Covenant that buffs those around you at the expense of your own healing.

An example tree to follow on this soulbind is as follows:


Dreamweaver, offers several situational or supporting soulbinds.

  • Podtender starts you off with a cheat death of sorts, as long as you don't take too much damage within the pod itself.
  • At the initial fork you have to choose between Social Butterfly, a Potency conduit and Empowered Chrysalis. The final one of this list looks good on paper, but in practice is not as strong. Generally you try to minimize overhealing in early progression at the start of the expansion, and only having the shields for 10% of that overheal and only lasting for 5 seconds means that the actual value is diminished.
  • Field of Blossoms gives a good, on-demand haste buff after casting Fae Guardians for ~15 seconds. Just a shame that haste isn't a heavy part of Holy's priorities.

An example tree can be seen below.


Starts off with a strong trait, but the follow-up is unimpressive

  • Wild Hunt Tactics some potential bonus healing on low targets.
  • Face Your Foes is the final trait in the tree and gives some damage reduction, but only if you're in front of your enemy.