Addon Export Strings & WeakAuras

Here are a collection of WeakAuras and export strings that you may find useful. Some of them were created by Jak, and some of them were not. Authorship information should be available on the external site in most cases.

Vuhdo Exports

Description URL
Vuhdo Holy Priest Profile
Vuhdo Holy Priest Key Layout
Vuhdo Discipline Priest Profile
Vuhdo Discipline Priest Key Layout
Vuhdo Holy Paladin Profile
Vuhdo Holy Paladin Key Layout
Vuhdo Holy Paladin Double Beacon Bouquet
Vuhdo Restoration Shaman Profile
Vuhdo Restoration Druid Profile
Vuhdo Mistweaver Monk Profile

Priest WeakAuras

Description URL
Ablution's Holy/Disc WAs
Atonement Tracking WA

Paladin/DK/Shaman/Druid WeakAuras

Description URL
Ablution-style Holy Paladin WeakAuras
Ablution's Resto Druid WeakAruas
Ablution-style Mistweaver Monk WeakAuras
Ablution's Resto Shaman WeakAuras
Druid Hot/Flourish Tracker
DK All-In-One WA
HPally Things

Generic WeakAuras & Exports

Description URL
Uldir Debuff Highlighter
Mythic+ Interrupt Tracker
BfA Dungeons - Targetted Spells
Jak's Elvui Profile
Talents/Legendaries Bar
Unspent talent points warning
Azerite Necklace Power Circle
Raid CD tracker
M+ !keys

M+ Affix Helpers

Description URL
Infested on Nameplate
Explosive Orb Targetting
Quaking WA
Explosive Orbs