Discipline Priest Overview

Welcome to Wowhead's Discipline Priest guide, updated for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands! This guide will teach you to master playing Discipline Priest in all aspects of the game, helping you to keep your allies alive in Raids and Mythic+ dungeons.

Throughout this guide, we will cover many different aspects to increase your Discipline Priest expertise, including concepts like Discipline Priest talents and talents builds, Discipline Priest BiS gear choices, Discipline Priest stat priorities, among many other aspects of your class and specialization. Make sure to navigate to additional pages of the guide to find more in-depth information on topics such as Mythic+, Raids, and gear recommendations.

Discipline Priest Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Excellent burst healing to counter heavy raid damage.
  • Heals by dealing damage to enemies, strong passive damage contribution to the raid.
  • Provides strong utility to the raid with heavy damage reduction cooldowns to the raid with Power Word: Barrier and Pain Suppression.
  • Frequently needs to plant in place to setup big healing.
  • While Disc embodies healing via damage dealing, this also requires the player to be in range of an enemy to consistently attack, so encounters where enemies die quickly, move out of range rapidly, or move out of line of sight can cause issues.
  • "Ramping" commits a large amount of the player's mana so poor timings or overlapping cooldowns can be particularly punishing.

How to Play Discipline Priest in Shadowlands

Discipline Priest is one of the more unique healers in the game at the moment, focusing heavily on preparing for incoming raid damage by proactively applying Atonement before a raid-wide damage event occurs, then following through with a flurry of damaging abilities on the enemy to heal allies. While immobile and often vulnerable in their cloth armor, Discipline has excellent preemptive tools in Atonement and absorbs to rapidly reverse damage on allies keeping them away from death's door.

Priests are a longstanding class in Warcraft, offering excellent buffs to your allies through Power Word: Fortitude, increasing the health of your allies. Unlike Holy, Discipline is a heavily preemptive healer, focusing on specific windows to output the most healing, absorbs, or damage reduction possible to protect those around them. While Discipline often is considered a more advanced spec when compared to Holy, it can be mastered through practice and proper fight preparation to achieve the strongest results. Discipline straddles the breach between Holy and Shadow spells, borrowing many spells from both specializations. As a result you have a variety of spells at your disposal to heal, deal damage, or reduce damage taken which is excellent for a variety of scenarios.

Discipline Priest Changes for Patch 9.2

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Welp, I'm afraid there aren't any spec changes for Discipline Priest in 9.2.

Previous Discipline Priest Changes

9.1 Specialization Changes & Tuning

  • Spirit Shell (Talent) cooldown increased to 90 seconds (was 60 seconds).

9.0.5 Discipline Priest Changes

The most significant of the below changes for Discipline is that Spirit Shell will be receiving nerfs to both its Atonement to shield conversion rate formerly 100% of Atonement value created shields now only 80% will. Furthermore, the maximum shield value that can be placed on the target is now based off of spell power instead of maximum health. As a result, using Desperate Prayer with your Spirit Shell will no longer result in a larger maximum cap. Spirit Shell will still remain very powerful and useful for progression raiding.

  • Spirit Shell (Talent) now absorbs 80% of healing done (was 100%) and the absorption limit is now based on the caster’s Spell Power (SP*11) rather than 60% of their maximum Health.
  • Night Fae - Fae Guardians : Call forth three faerie guardians to attend your targets for 20 sec. Guardian Faerie now grants 20% damage reduction (was 10%), and Wrathful Faerie will now automatically be sent to the closest enemy target if Fae Guardians is used while an ally is targeted. Wrathful Faeries now properly grant resources to the casting Priest when there are multiple Wrathful Faeries active on the target.
  • Cauterizing Shadows now functions with Mastery: Grace.
  • Kiss of Death reduces the cooldown of Shadow Word: Death by 12 seconds (was 8 seconds).

Discipline Priest Facts

Disc Priests have undergone another expansion worth of updates, primarily focused on increasing the type of damaging abilities that they have at their disposal, borrowing many from the Shadow specialization. Disc's heavy utility in damage dealt, damage reduction, and absorb effects for individuals and the raid make it an attractive addition to any raid group. The added flexibility that the spec has received will continue the trend of Disc being a challenging spec to master but extremely powerful when operated correctly.

Best Disc Priest Racials

  • Blood Elf - One of the most common races for Discipline. Blood elves receive additional Critical Strike rating, Arcane Acuity, as well as the immensely useful Arcane Torrent ability, offering mana regen and a Dispel Magic effect (Purge) to all enemies hit by the ability. While Priest already has Dispel Magic and Mass Dispel, utilizing Arcane Torrent can save mana and time, allowing the Priest to spend more time healing or dealing damage as needed.
  • Goblin - Strong passive bonus haste (Time is Money) and extra, much needed mobility with their Rocket Jump.
  • Troll - Offering a substantial Haste increase through the Berserking racial, the Troll racial allows greater control to use this cooldown for healing or dealing damage.
  • Void Elf - The Allied Race offers a decent mobility/escape tool in Spatial Rift and a solid passive effect in Entropic Embrace for damage and healing.
  • Night Elf - Depending on the time of day you will receive bonus Haste or Critical Strike with the Touch of Elune passive. In addition, Shadowmeld has a wealth of uses in high level keystones, leading away mobs from the party so they can cross a part of the instance (like the dangerous Grand Overseer's in Sanguine Depths) to later Shadowmeld and drop combat.
  • Human- Offering bonus secondaries through The Human Spirit and a stun escape in Every Man for Himself, Humans are a solid overall selection.

What makes Discipline Special