1. Details! (Streamer Plugin)

2. Exorsus Raid Tools (Fight Timer, Cooldown Tracker, Battle Rez Tracker)

3. ElvUI -  Get ElvUI Enhanced and ElvUI Addon Skins for more features!

4. VuhDo -

5. BigWigs -

6. Details! -

7. bobSatchels -


Not pictured:

Bag Addon: AdiBags

Circular Keybind Addon: OPie 

Keystone Addon: Angry Keystones 

Mythic+ Score Addon: Raider.IO Mythic Plus Score,

Raid Loot Addon: Big Dumb Loot Council

Azerite Tooltips: Azerite Tooltip

World Quests List: World Quests List

Mission Table Addon: ChampionCommander

Scrapping Helper: Easy Scrap

Raid Notes/Assignments: Angry Assignments

Spell/Interrupt Announcements: Raeli's Spell Announcer

Nameplates: KUINameplates


For export strings for many of my addons, please visit this page.



WeakAuras are useful for tracking of buffs, debuffs, and specific events in an encounter.  

8. Ablution's Holy/Disc WeakAuras -  Also styles available for other healing classes.

9. Azerite Neck Power Circle -

10. BFA Talent Setup -


To view my full list of WeakAuras, please visit this page.

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