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Healer Hero Talents RANKED - Who Has It BEST in The War Within Alpha

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I have been asked a ton on what the best healer is for The War Within, which Hero Talents are strongest and which Hero Talents are fun so I put this video together to go over all my thoughts on healers in The War Within Alpha so far!

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Voidweaver
02:46 Conduit of the Celestials
06:14 Herald of the Sun
08:00 Flameshaper
09:38 Lightsmith
11:20 Farseer
13:24 Master of Harmony
15:06 Archon
17:12 Wildstalker
18:06 Keeper of the Grove
18:58 Chronowarden
20:04 Oracle
23:08 Thanks for Watching!

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