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9.1 Sanctum of Domination Discipline Priest Guide! Be a BOONMASTER

Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination is here and with it some HUGE changes to Spirit Shell and the way that Discipline operates in a raiding environment. This guide will go through those changes to covenants and the Discipline spec and show how best to optimize yourself to prepare for the Sanctum of Domination raid!

Be sure to check out the Theorycraft work done by Reglitch/Smallpriest and others at Focused Will and the awesome Ramp Simulator tool that they put together as well as the easy to import cast sequences to prepare yourself for the varying playstyles Boon will bring!

For more updates, my guides on Wowhead are up and ready:

0:00 Intro
1:08 Covenant Choice
4:42 Soulbinds/Conduits
6:36 Talents
9:00 How To Ramp
11:35 Chad Ramp
16:05 Baby Ramp
18:04 Advanced Tips/Trinkets

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