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MASTER the Off-Meta! Holy Priest Mythic+ Guide Shadowlands Season 1

Holy Priest is the darkhorse of Mythic+ healers, and while many are quick to write the spec off I've been extremely successful with the off-meta selection and think it deserves more of a shot. This guide will walk you through the build that I utilize, how to maximize it and other tips for healing Bosses, the seasonal Prideful Affix and best manage your cooldowns with your team.

Check the timestamps below to jump between sections in the video because there is a lottt going on!

Why Holy? 0:41

Talents 4:20

Legendary 5:45

Covenant/Conduits 7:54

Stats/Gear/Trinkets 12:00

Healing Prideful 15:06

Healing Tyrannical 17:47

Cooldown Usage 20:40

General Priority/Focus/Tips 23:55

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